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Re: Tooling Plate

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 27 09:10:34 EDT 2000 | jackofalltrades

We are very happy with Datum Dynamics (www.datumdynamics.com), good qualitiy and rapid turn around. They do our tooling plates, reflow pallets, selective wave pallets for a large number of varied customers.

Re: Tooling Plate

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 04:32:52 EST 2000 | G. English

We also use Datum Dynamics, I believe DEK are also in the market now for various tooling fixtures. G

Re: Selective Wave Solder Fixtures

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 15:10:02 EDT 2000 | jackofalltrades

We use Datum Dynamics for selective wave pallets and have been very happy with their work and fast turn around. We also get all our press fit fixtures from them. Check out their web site www.datumdynamics.com

Wave Pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 06:19:30 EST 2008 | gregoryyork

Hi I would suggest Datum Dynamics using the Durostone Lead Free version pallets are very good. They dont thermally degrade as quick as others out there so dont deposit as much residue in the wave Cheers Greg BLT Circuit Services Ltd

Looking for reflow oven pallet makers

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 07 13:35:32 EDT 2009 | pauld

Ascentec Engineering aquired Datum Dynamics in 2008. http://www.ascentecengineering.com/products/wavesolder.html

Flex circuit assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 10:36:33 EDT 2003 | davef

Equipment, Sldr pallet * Garland Service Company (972)494-1911 fax 0972 http://www.goGSC.com * Datum Dynamics 207 Highpoint Avenue Portsmouth, RI 02871 401-683-5300 FAX 3995 http://www.datumdynamics.com * EES/Grip Technogies Weston CT 203/226


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