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Vitronics SMR500

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 22 12:24:36 EST 2007 | dave

thanks for reply. Problem sorted - Inverter for Bottom Blowers faulty. This did not give any error ! Dave.

OA Pb-Free Paste

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 27 06:59:10 EST 2007 | dave

Hi, Why is no-clean and rf not considered to be a good process? Dave

Peelable Mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 10:46:05 EST 2007 | dave

Hi All, Anyone having problems with Peelable Mask during Leadfree Process? as in Melting Dave...

Thermocouple attachment on fine pitch component.

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 11:02:53 EDT 2001 | dave

Hi I found it's hard to attach thermocouple on profile board at fine pitch component by high temp solder. Does any one know the good way to do it? Thanks in advance. Dave

Letters to customers / suppliers

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 05:49:59 EDT 2006 | dave

sorry guys this is not exactly a technical issue. I am trying to develop a questionnaire type document to send to customers/suppliers in relation to RoHS. asking their status etc. What should I be asking them for ? Dave...

BGA Tilt

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 08 14:03:39 EST 2007 | dave

Hi All, What is the cause of BGA tilt ? I have a failed board and it seems to have approx 0.25 mm difference in height on one edge of the BGA to the other. It is notable under magnification. Is this caused by to much time above reflow temp or not

simple doubt about reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 17:24:51 EST 2007 | dave

250-260ish seems a little on the high side ? Depending on the board density and components 230-245 should suffice. Again time above is usually preferred between 30-90secs but again it really depends on the PCB Dave

Feeder Setup?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 08:31:47 EDT 2007 | dave

Hi All, I know this is a bit off the track but can anyone share how they charge for Feeder Setups? i.e 3 min per feeder or more or less ??? any replies appreciated Dave...

two station intercom

Electronics Forum | Sat May 20 06:49:08 EDT 2000 | dave

I'm studying electronics at Manchester and I'm building a two station intercom based on an lm386. I have all the components to build it, but could do with some in depth technical imformation to impress my lecturers when I'm explaining how it works. P

Vitronics SMR500

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 22 05:37:35 EST 2007 | dave

Hi All, One of the switches tripped causing no power to the Bottom Cell Inverter . This was reset and Inverter seems to be working fine but the Bottom Blowers are not working which is causing cold joints etc. I am waiting on Electrical Schematics f

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