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Panelized boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 07:34:21 EST 2002 | cnotebaert

Yes, there are a few companies that make de-paneling equipment, Cab is one of the larger they make scoring and tab de-panelers. Just keep in mind regardless to what type of equipment is used if the parts are to close to the board you still run the ri

deHaart MPC29

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 11:01:54 EDT 2006 | mhanc

I have a client with a deHaart MPC29 with a failed hard drive. I am looking for the software for the machine to load on a replacement drive.

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 21:15:26 EST 2005 | davef

Try: * Caltex [www.bgascope.com] "Hirox" scope * ERSA [www.ersa.de] Ersascope

Visual Inspection Post Reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 01 16:56:11 EDT 2014 | rway

AOI for us. We also do some visual inspection at de-panel.

EKRA E5 maschine nicht ansprechbar

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 10:01:45 EDT 2016 | oxygensmd



Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 10 08:39:01 EDT 1999 | ScottM

| Hello SMTNEtters': | | Does anyone know of any suppliers who can supply De-I H20 (some high-quality H20!!) in 55 gallon containers. | | We have no use for "point-of-use" treatment, like mixed bed, anion, or cation tanks, or anything like that...

X7R woes

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 04 05:11:58 EST 2006 | dougs

I've seen cracked caps due to de-panelling on caps 40mm in from a board edge, if the cap lies on a stress line it can be cracked quite far in, i'd go with the other replies and make sure you use a "pizza cutter" type de-panelling machine for v-scored

X5R dielectric aging

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 01 22:56:39 EDT 2009 | davef

Reflow soldering de-ages the capacitors. Two things may be affecting your testing. * Capacitance measurements are often erratic during testing for about 10 hours after de-aging. * Test limits should be set so that the capacitance value is within the

tensile strenght tester

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 29 22:01:51 EST 2008 | davef

These test are largely useless. Check the fine SMTnet Archives for previous rants. Manufacturers of machines to use are: * Peel tests: Instron [Instron Worldwide Headquarters; 825 University Ave, Norwood, MA 02062-2643; 800 877 6674 http://www.inst

Sayaka SAM-CT23B De-Panelizer Router Question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 09:44:48 EST 2011 | kblythe

We recently purchased a used Sayaka De-Panelizer Router. There is a manual included from Japan, however we cannot figure out how to get to the programming screens. The manual states to select the Mode button several times until the screens come up bu

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