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CRT debate

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 11:24:04 EDT 2000 | Mike

What is your opinion on the current debate about lead in CRTs and not allowing them in landfills?

Fuji Flexa and Aegis w/ Circuitcam or Unicam w/Assembly Expert

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 07:42:47 EST 2004 | Alan

I was highly debating the purchase of Tecnomatix (Assembly Expert) software. However, went with Circuitcam for a few reasons. Call me at 248-994-3012 if you want details.

Lead Free Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 21:28:49 EDT 2004 | KEN

May I ask why silver in your wave solder bath? This is an interesting debate of "silver or no-silver" at wave solder. Many thanks for your input.

Efficiency Rate...

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 10:02:00 EDT 2004 | JB

There is a lot of debate over efficiency rates in our group, what percent would indicate that we have a good efficiency rate in our SMT production lines? Ours vary from 40- 60% We are constantly trying to improve this numbers, but I am curious as wer

Lead free Solder Paste troubles !!!!

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 08:23:23 EDT 2004 | patrickbruneel

The lead free debates are getting more and more interesting Didn't know that low labor cost was also lowering melting temps of LF alloys

Cu dissolution PTH

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 16:54:41 EDT 2005 | Inds

Yup Pat, even I read that article.. would love to challange them..but can't.. i think the debate on whether to go lead-free or not.will continue ever and ever after.. WE can call it Lord of the Ring-Part 4 created by europeans..

Info on MYDATA

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 14:17:35 EDT 2007 | slthomas

My specific gripe is with the following statement: "Since the U.S., and thanks to Bush and his like,..." The debate as to why he's in this pickle could go on for a very long time and it doesn't have anything to do with resolving his problem.

Strange things ocuring during reflow...

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 12:52:00 EST 2010 | dcell_1t

I have a debate here with Facilities maintenance dept. oven is asking for 550 SCFM and they are measuring 770CFM I know that is different SCFM to CFM... but I don't know the pressure. any thoughts on how to convert???

Exsessive assembly cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 18:29:36 EDT 2023 | emeto

Hello folks, is there a standard you follow for maximum cleaning cycles? We are debating how many times we should clean a board for misprints on the second manufacturing side? First side is already assembled and I wonder how many times we can safely

Dbl-Sided Reflow Question

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 02 09:31:26 EDT 2000 | C.K.

Okay, there's a debate here at my company. We build a card here that, often times, we get batches where there is excess HASL in the VIA hole barrels. Here is the problem that this causes: During the "1st reflow", the excess HASL bleeds out of the

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