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PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 11:45:06 EST 2017 | emeto

Where in the process these defects appear?

BFU730LX defects

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 16:42:03 EDT 2015 | cnotebaert

how are you verifying solder is the part not working electrically, are you x-raying?

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 14:05:12 EST 2017 | emeto

May be run a board on open cover and see what is going on.

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 10:43:32 EST 2017 | berrykane

I am also interested to know. Please update me. Thanks!

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 13:11:06 EST 2017 | barryg

HI all. Recently we have been experiencing some PCB defects and so far it appears on a particular pcb. Components in areas, and the areas appears to be random, have shifted, skewed components. Most of these components, it appears the solder has flowe

BFU730LX defects

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 11:48:30 EDT 2015 | sssvajunas

We use component BFU730LX and we have one problem. After reflow transistor base or collector lands are not soldered. Maybe someone have similar problems with this component? We tryed to change stencil pads (smaller , bigger) but problem is the same.

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 11:49:37 EST 2017 | barryg

When the board is populated on the second side, and after reflow, components are shifted, skewed with solder flowed on the leads of the components and not on the PCB land.

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 13:46:34 EST 2017 | emeto

Now, if before reflow everything looks fine, something happens in the oven. As it is second side, I would ask if there are parts close to edges or very tall parts on the first side that might be getting in contact with something in the oven? In my o

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 14:29:53 EST 2017 | barryg

We did check for oven clearance thinking the same , but there is plenty clearance. We have however found that the problem was on several lots of PCBs. We ran a fresh lot and problem went away. There appears to be some kind of contamination on the PCb

PCB defects

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 02:10:26 EST 2017 | alexeis

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