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Stencil Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 11:43:06 EDT 2006 | Mike Konrad

Here's a "flameless" reply... I�ll allow others to recommend� Here is a list of the �usual suspects�: Aqueous Technologies Batch and inline de-fluxers Ultrasonic stencil cleaning systems De-fluxing and stencil cleaning chemicals www.aqueoustech.co

Cleaning after rework, no clean flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 23:59:48 EST 2003 | Mike Konrad

Grant, No-Clean paste + IPA = White Residue! #1: Stop using IPA #2: Switch to either a solvent-based de-fluxing chemical or an aqueous-based de-fluxing chemical. If you are using an ultrasonic cleaner for your boards as stated, do not use sapon

Small board washer needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 13:08:59 EDT 2007 | Mike Konrad

The best method of cleaning misprinted boards is with a stencil cleaner. I would not recommend the use of a spray-in-air system for misprints. Spray systems can cause solder paste to become embedded into vias and under components (if double sided).

Vapor batch cleaning of flux residues

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 17:53:17 EDT 2009 | aqueous

This is not a common method of defluxing. Vapor degreasers were the top choice pre-1989 but have given way to spray-in-air defluxing technology. Here come of the vapor degreaser manufacturers: Detrex http://www.detrex.com/ Baron Blakeslee http://

Using isopropanol with DI water for rinsing after washing boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 10 10:45:32 EST 2011 | aqueous

The use of IPA in automated defluxing systems is nearly extinct for the following reasons: 1. IPA is flammable. In a spray-in-air environment, the already low flashpoint is even lower. 2. IPA is not a great solvent. There are specific containme

PCB Cleaner/washer suggestions

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 06 11:52:45 EDT 2004 | Mike Konrad

You state that you need a washer for �pcb washer/cleaner for misprints etc� Is it only for misprints or is it also for post-reflow de-fluxing? I would not suggest that you utilize one machine for both applications. Misprints should always be cle

Affordable, non-flammable cleaning solutions?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 20:55:56 EST 2007 | Mike Konrad

The answer depends on the cleaning / defluxing method. There are many fine chemicals available. One must first consider the cleaning method, then safety (environment and operator), then cost. For automated board cleaners (defluxers), consider th

No Clean Flux

Electronics Forum | Thu May 27 18:10:07 EDT 1999 | Omat Marasigan

hello all, Im working as a process eng'r for BGA package. We are using a water soluble flux for solder ball attachments...so there's still a need for a defluxer machine (using DI water) to clean the BGA strip after reflow. I just want t

cartridge filter for lead

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 12:59:43 EST 1999 | Wade

I am looking for a source of replaceable cartridge filters to remove lead that is in solution in the water from my defluxing system. All sources and/or comments are appreciated!


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 13:34:53 EST 2006 | pjc

Look for the following machines: Aqueous Technologies ECD EMC Austin American The above mfrs. make "industrial" grade dishwashers for assembled PCB de-fluxing. Search any of those names followed by "..... batch cleaner", and your search engine will

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