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Dry and Clean Room in Tropical Climate

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 06 09:59:32 EDT 2005 | slthomas

Find out if you can separate the dehumidifier controls from the heating/cooling controls, without adding an air handler. Otherwise I think you'd need to add a dehumidifier that runs independantly. Don't forget that system capacity has to be rated fo

Un-Reflowed Paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 11:16:40 EDT 2004 | carterhoward

Hello , I agree with the solder ball theory, we used to have an issue with high humidity and it produced the results you�re describing. Our solution to this since adding dehumidifiers was too costly was to increase the quantity of intake ducts for t

low humidity storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 11 15:01:24 EDT 2000 | g cronin

I am looking for a storage system for short term storage of open BGA's or longer term de-humidifying or moisture removal.. Is there any low humidity chambers available??? greg

BGA Moisture Absorption

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 07:16:08 EDT 2003 | sanjeevc

The moisture sensetive bags that carry your BGAs will have the specs in regards to your baking cycles.But definetly you have to bake the BGAs if its been stored at 60% humidity.Normally the shop floor area should not be at such higher humidity.You ca

Re: Desiccators

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 28 20:34:24 EST 1999 | Dave F

Hey Justin good to see you. You've been using your Terra box for a while now. Cabinet suppliers are: 1 Nitrogen boxes STANLEY STORAGE SYSTEMS P.O. Box 1151/11 Grammes Rd, Allentown, PA 18105-1151 800-523-9462 fax 610.776.3895 storagesystems@mail.

Portable Cooling

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 08:47:34 EDT 2003 | caldon

Stan- One of our buildings (not our SMT line or components) Has Great Aircondition but can not regulate the humidity. The building is cool but Wet (No need to lick envelopes as they are already stuck together) from humidity. We went out and found th

Reflow Oven Exhaust

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 12 10:46:46 EDT 1998 | Dennis B

We're installing our first SMT line and my boss asked me a question I couldn't answer right off the top of my head. I have been an SMT process engineer for about 12 years and I guess this just never came up before. I was surprised but it made good se

High Relative Humidity and Blistering Issues in Assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 03:26:18 EDT 2014 | eurekadrytech

Hi all: Interesting question you have raised as it concerns the rate of absorption by the board material. I represent http://www.EurekaDrytech.com and could assist in resolving the blistering problems you're facing. First some questions. 1. Is the

High Relative Humidity and Blistering Issues in Assembly

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 07 20:51:52 EDT 2014 | natashakt

1. Is the high RH environment consistently at 72% RH and 21.4 degrees Celsius? No, over the past 2 weeks I have recorded the highest at the moment: 67% RH at 22.6 degrees C and lowest (it is Spring not summer yet): 31.9% RH at 19.0 degrees C. Or d


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