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DEK 248 Board Fixation

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 23 21:28:33 EDT 2014 | dekhead

Not something that pops up on used market much; but still available from DEK. P/N: 002070 I think ~$200 for a set of 4 DEKHEAD www.dekhead.com

Dek 248 Table out error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 10:23:47 EDT 2019 | key

Would you happen to have a picture of the RS Cylinder and Rs rail. When we send the table in sol 4 is on. When we try to send the table out sol 4 and 5 are on. We are having a hard time finding the RS Cylinder and RS rail

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 03 07:57:27 EST 2002 | pjc

Price of DEK 248 and MPM UP100 are about the same, $22-36K range. MPM UP100 has programmable squeegee pressure. Precise, repeatable results with less operator involvement. Pressure parameters saved in board program file. DEK 248 has manual microm

DEK248 experience

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 25 08:57:22 EST 2009 | dilogic

Is there anyone that wants to share real-life experience with DEK248 printer (with DekAlign, if possible)? Thanks in advance. - Deni

Dek model questions

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 08:51:56 EST 2008 | pjc

256 LT or Lite, low end fully auto machine, lower res alignment camera, not as accurate and repeatable as GSX. Wiper and Auto Paste dispensing optional. GSX is fully loaded with hi end camera alignment, auto paste, vac stencil wiper, may have auto fl

screen printer comparision

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 14:29:09 EDT 2004 | Debi

What are diffrerences between DEK 248 and MPM Microflex? We are thinking about off-line screen printer with vision and wiper. When i compare specification MPM has better accurancy 12,5um and DEK 248 25um so one point for MPM. MPM is a new constructio

Smallest screen printer semi/auto

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 06 06:41:11 EDT 2021 | ttheis

The DEK248 we had at one time was pretty compact but it did not have automated alignment- just a semi-manual camera/monitor stencil alignment process.

DEK265 or DEK260 for high mix low volume ???

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 17:56:46 EST 2006 | Chris

If you are running FR4 PCBs and not something exotic like Kapton flex circuits, I would go with the Dek 265 any day of the week. You will find that Dek supports the fully automatic printer much better than the semiautomatic printers like the 260, 24

screen printer comparision

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 15:27:05 EDT 2004 | pjc

The MicroFlex is not really new. Its the UltraPrint 100 re-engineered and improved. UltraPrint 100 / SMTech 100 has been around for many years. I don't believe the DEK 248 offers a Stencil Wiper option. I worked on MicroFlex machines. Vision system i

screen printer comparision

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 16 15:25:01 EDT 2004 | ianlg

Hi Debi You might like to also include the R29-V which is a step up from both the Dek 248 and Microflex but at a similar price. 29" frame size ( multi-purpose adp available ) Bespoke software windows based, Incredibly easy to operate. Similar toolin

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