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dek 248 carriage travel error

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 14:58:23 EDT 2018 | edjeske

Thank you for your response. I appreciate all anyone can provide to help with this. I have no manuals to use. I inherited this task when the usual operator dropped dead the other day. He was the only one who ever ran this machine. I was able to print

DEK 248 squeegee error

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 21:52:06 EST 2013 | nikyta

Most likely it is a faulty cable in the e-chain . You can test it in diagnostic: lower the back squeege and manually move back and forth for its entire travel the print carriage while monitoring the sensor output of the squeege. You will see at some

Dek 248 Table out error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 20:03:05 EDT 2019 | dekhead

Does it cycle in/out in diagnostics? Have you checked pneumatics to to the RS cylinder?

Dek 248 Table out error

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 12 09:37:13 EDT 2019 | key

We have a Dek 248 that when the table goes in it will not come out. We tested up/down sensors they are fine. The in and out sensors work in diagnostic. when we try to abort the unit the table should come out but doesn't. Any help would be great and a

Anyone with 2001 era DEK 248 experience?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 06:33:16 EDT 2008 | benefon

If this is machine is of the same type of construction as our 248 with the pneumatic table sliding mechanism, check the 'table out sensor' in the 'digital inputs' section of the diagnostics menu. rgds AR


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