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Dek 260 screen printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 12:15:44 EDT 2012 | eps

We are looking for an English version eprom ( XP116 V1.07 )of a Dek 260 screen printer can anyone help

Smallest screen printer semi/auto

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 06 06:41:11 EDT 2021 | ttheis

The DEK248 we had at one time was pretty compact but it did not have automated alignment- just a semi-manual camera/monitor stencil alignment process.

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 23:15:23 EST 2006 | fastek

I would also add that I think MPM has a far superior semi-auto printer (SPM) to DEK.

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 01:47:36 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good morning Manyhats, I have 2 years working experience with automatic DEK screen printers. DEK products are really very good and are able to produce repeatable high quality print. For example I never saw problems with paste deposition for finepitc

Solder Printing 2x2 inch ceramic Substrate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 16:58:11 EST 2007 | flipit

Phil, I used to print solder paste on 2" X 2" and 3" X 3" 96% Alumina substrates all the time. I used standard solder printers and stencils. Screens are difficult to use and don't print well. You can use a stencil on a DeHart, CW Price, or AMI Pr

DEK 248 icon i2 screenprinter BIOS settings

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 21 22:05:01 EDT 2018 | srini1904

Hello, We have Dek 248 Icon i2 semi auto screen printer. This machine was not in use for long time and Bios battery was dead. We replaced Bios battery and now date are correct. Issue is its not communicating to control board. Suspecting Bios setti


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 05 17:38:27 EDT 2006 | flipit

I have a lot of experience on 1995 vintage Dek 248 and Dek 249. The 1995 to 1997 vintage were not the best. If Dek has improved them, great! If not, then I would not buy one. Dek 265 is a great printer. Dek did not put a lot of support into Dek

New to SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 17 21:27:30 EDT 2008 | dekhead

I'll put a vote on MyData, but you might have problems with the volume... If you're buying used on this better off buying from MyData, they have a tendency to buy up the decent stuff off the used market, and anything left noone really wants to deal w

Need load cell for DEK260

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 15:17:51 EST 2006 | Tom newman

Have a problem getting a new load cell in a timely manner for my DEK260 screen printer. Please contact me at 614-791-0070

In-Line Stencil Printers vs. Semi-Auto

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 01:20:33 EST 2002 | djarvis

Armin, I installed a second hand Dek Ela in-line in November. Prior to that we had been running 2 x SMTech (Quad ) Vmp100s, an MPM SP-2000 and an MPM SP-20. All semi-autos. I believe the Vmp100s to be a great machine and have recommended them to all

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