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Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 18:20:15 EST 2005 | JG

Dek 265 GS Problem: Machine abruptly turns off. It can be in the middle of a stroke or just sitting idle. After the machine turns off we have to let it sit for a few minutes (sometimes 20) in order for it to restart. Any suggestions? Thanks in adv

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 20:20:13 EDT 2012 | dekhead

You don't say which 265; presumbly since you say "bulb" it is either MK1 or GS with shuttered camera. Both those machines have potentiometers to control light levels. MK1 is on machine frame inside drop down (stencil load) door, near serial tag. GS

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Sun May 04 19:18:42 EDT 2008 | dman97

Hi all, I recently acquired a year 2000 dek 265 horizon. It has a manual screen loader with that stupid hand crank adjustable stopper. Can anyone tell me how I am supposed to measure the stencil image dimensions for a front justified stencil? Now on


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 16:56:02 EDT 1998 | Doug Nebel

| Howdy 2, | I am using my first DEK GSX PRINTER. Looks and acts good so far. Who know what - good, bad, or in between? Just want to get the facts from those who know. | Earl Moon We have had our 265 GSX a little over 2 years. Print quality has bee

DEK 265 to DEK Horizon 2 question

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 17 09:34:22 EST 2020 | emeto

It looks like you have a simple version of the Horizon. You should have a scale on the right side with a stopper. When you create a new program you will define where the stopper should be. I used to same this value in the program description field, s


Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 17:17:49 EST 2005 | Randy Gray

Does any one know the fine pitch print capability on a DEK 265GS?? Thank you

DEK265gsx inconsistency in management f

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 21:52:43 EST 2007 | vshan

but the problem is the stopper comes down only after the board pass thru rgd vshan

DEK265GS - Startup problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 07:46:50 EDT 2012 | omur

We have the following problem with our DEK265GS during start-up: Loading Program... Loading Language... Stack Overflow! Any help / pointers would be much appreciated. Omur...


Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 24 15:31:40 EDT 2006 | mark

Hello, We have found that many times for DEK265GS in under stencil cleaning unit stucks cleaning paper (non-woven rolls). DEK said that cleaning unit for DEK265 has this problem. I just looking for improvment to eliminate issue. Question to the u

DEK265gsx inconsistency in management f

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 19:37:48 EST 2007 | vshan

Hi All im facing an issue with my DEK. Once the middle sensor detects the board, the stopper does not able to stop the board on time. i have checked all the basic parameters. Can anyone help me rgd vshan

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