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Dek265MK1 failing to initialise

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 06:45:38 EDT 2009 | aj

machine wont initialise after breaker tripped when machine was powered down over the weekend. All PSU's check out fine along with Estop circuit. I get the command to press system button but thats as far as it goes. any ideas welcomed

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 09:34:27 EST 2010 | baildl632

Thanks for the support. Maybe you can help me with another problem. I get a pate dispensor error command time out, which clears itself, then a screen actuator error command time out that doesn't clear during initialisation. Machine won't do anything

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 02 02:52:09 EST 2021 | dekhead

I assume you are saying that the rail width doesn't initialise when you initialise machine, but when you go into diagnostics and then exit diagnostics it initialises properly. (Not sure what cycling board on belts has to do with it). Have seen, on mu

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 18:43:35 EST 2019 | dekhead

Are you saying that it works in print mode and not in pass thru mode? Or that is won't pass boards downline regardless?

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 19:30:32 EST 2019 | Seth

It won’t pass down regardless

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 13:50:26 EST 2019 | s197seth

I am trying to do a Pass Through and the DEK wont send the board to the Conveyor and it says its waiting for downline transfer even when the SMEMAs are tripped. and on the Multi - Interface Unit, the light next to downline ready is not on. Any help?


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 16:00:28 EST 2011 | nevercry14

turn on printer but canno enicialize button wont work check fuses,voltage,can there be a short any ideas.

Changing a DEK 265 Horizon to right to left

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 16:15:14 EDT 2019 | dekhead

If a few extra seconds of cycle time won't hurt you, recommend putting at max (3.0 sec) it will cycle all the way over to the Board @ Left sensor before extending BS and reversing. Otherwise play with the timing and requirement may vary from product

DEK 265 motor com error, axis 1,2,3 fatal error

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 24 05:23:45 EDT 2016 | bukas

hello, DEK wont start and im getting this error message: motor com error, axis 1,2,3 fatal error, reinitialise machine. this happens about 30 sec after BIOSes are copied to shadow ram. euro sys cards are inserted properly and on segment display is s

DEK 265Lt Vision/Camera?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 08 16:02:44 EDT 2012 | processman

hi, We have a strange issue with a DEK 265 Lt, it powers up and initialises fine. Camera LED`s flash, cognex card intitialises with no error. The issue is we have no fiducial recognition or image on the monitor. Have swapped out camera, cogn

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