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Wire to board soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 08:45:55 EDT 2006 | dougs

Hi All, We have a board that's going through our process at the moment, it's 1.6mm thick and has 4 wires soldered into it, these are 10SWG multi stranded wires, i'm finding that it's difficult to get the holes filled with solder as it travels up

BGA rework stencils ( down to 0.65mm pitch)

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 14 03:14:08 EDT 2002 | msimkin

Hi, Has anyone had expereince in the design or use of mini rework srtencils for uBGA applications? What was the deisgn guide lines used. I am looking to rework 0.7 & 0.65 mm uBGA parts with standard hot air, without split prism placement guides. It i

Looking for trays to lay boards on in reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 09:39:43 EDT 2019 | don_julio

Problem is I don't have a mesh belt (lesson learned). Our conveyor is pins. If I laid some scrap pcb's spanning the conveyor pins on the long dimension of the board, I'm confident it would sag. We get a bit of sag today in our 1.6mm thick boards whi


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