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Which (cheap / old) pick and place for 0402, 0.5mm FPC small line

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 26 13:56:22 EST 2022 | poly

I was looking to swap a Universal GC60 from 240 to 400 V 3 phase. I can get a transformer though and just looked at prices and they are quite cheap. My 2 main options at the moment: Option a: 1 Universal Genesis (2006) some feeders + essemtec ove


Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 12 13:11:47 EDT 2002 | pjc

I am not a DEK user but have some knowledge of the ELA to share. The ELA has some structural differences with the Horizon and Infinity models. It is DEK's low-end automatic printer (a cost-reduced version of the Horizon model)and is manufactured in C

DEK Printer File Format

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 01:14:24 EDT 2018 | buckcho

Hello Diego, i will try to help you. Can you tell me which software of the DEK you use, also machine (Horizon, ela, etc)? In our machines (NEOHorizon 03ix) we can get this type of information in a few ways, but it requested by us to dek. We are using

Screen printer to fit needs

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 16:08:25 EST 2005 | fastek

If you are happy with DEK I would stick with that. I'd look at an ELA or a Horizon model 03...which is their stripped down Horizon version. You can buy a new one of those in the $60K range...used obviously less. The only other vendor I would look a

DEK ELA and MPM U2000 Hi-E Comparison

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 20:47:13 EDT 2002 | Dreamsniper

Thanks for that info... I found out that MPM has UP2000 HiE VP with price lower than DEK Horizon but just a bit higher or let's say relatively the same as DEK ELA...I find it hard to decide which among the 2 based on our budget capability. My budget

DEK ELA and MPM U2000 Hi-E Comparison

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 19:18:42 EDT 2002 | lysik

I really would not compare the 2 systems. A ELA is more like MPM's UP-1500. The UP-2000 is more like the DEK Horizon or Infinity. You just opened up one of the great debates of the SMT world. MPM or DEK? You will have people on both sides defend the

Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 18:39:27 EST 2003 | Todd

I would say the DEK printer I have had the best reliability with. I have used the MPM and had alot of software problems. The GSP are as metioned harder to operate. I also agree that the top of the line DEK horizon has some issues (to smart for its

DEK 265 pneumatic power down error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 30 22:48:17 EDT 2020 | dekhead

MM (MultiMove) cards are in the M19, Motor Control, crate (located front of machine, right side). MM's are the larger cards located on the far right side; X11, X12 and X13 slots (X11 slot is only used in Infinity, empty slot on Horizon / ELA).


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