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DEK HORIZON 265 Squeege Pressure question

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 18:36:17 EDT 2020 | serge_pirog

Hello. Could I ask you for help. We have DEK Europa. We have changed ProFlow to squeegee head with feedback. After this during solder paste printing system shows the difference between set pressure (9 kg) and real pressure (7,5kg). I have read manual

DEK Gridlock reliability

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 27 13:47:44 EST 2020 | dnachristen

The DEK Gridlock system should have rubber pads on top of the metal posts. We had them in our old Dek machines but upgraded to the fully automatic ones on our O3iX machines (Grid Lok) The manual ones can be tricky to set up and requires you to have

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Mon May 05 15:52:22 EDT 2008 | dekhead

Assuming you have the scale that corresponds with Board Width for center justified stencil. Formula would be: 2 x (distance to image {mm} - 368) = Board Width (setting on scale) http://www.dekhead.com/

DEK265 GSX misprint

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 11 03:06:00 EDT 2019 | bukas

Hello Dekhead, it is a constant offset, like 0.5 mm to right when machine prints away from operator. When print goes towards the operator there is no offset. I swapped X5 and X6 cards with spares I got but still same result . I set the program to hav

SMT Stencil Printer Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 02:39:27 EST 2012 | eadthem

I don't have our DEK printer part numbers memorized, In general we have a older machine running NT4.0 . It has 2Di inspection but we never use it because you can only inspect/setup 1 camera shot at once, making for very long programming. Our newer D


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 10:07:48 EDT 2012 | hussman

We chose the MPM over the DEK. We did real world comparison in our factory with both machines almost side by side last year. MPMs offer a real windows based software that basically takes the operator out of the equation. Besides the basic screen p

stencil printing parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 16:54:47 EST 2002 | davef

STARTING RANGES * Pressure � 1 pound/inch of blade (metal); 1.6-3 pound/inch (plastic) * Speed - 0.5 to 3 inch per sec [for standard pitch]; 0.5 to 1 inch per sec [for fine pitch] Your paste supplier�s recommendation is a good place to start. * Sepa

Re: Screen Printer Eval

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 07 08:02:40 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| My printer evaluation has come down to the Fuji GP-6 or the Dek 265LT. I'm looking for experienced opinions on both of these options, we're currently running an older vintage Dek 265 printer that gives us constant electronic system problems. The v

Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 13:44:04 EDT 1998 | Rin Or

| | | | | Does anyone use the "Quick Frame" with their Dek printer? | | | The threads on the screws keep stripping, so we thought | | | maybe we'd send our frames to a machine shop for heftier | | | screws. Has anyone done this? Is there a better wa

Things I Like Without Endorsing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 07:23:04 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

To you all for comment and summary, The following things I like without endorsing (PCB/PCBA stuff - outside the great women in my life [many] and without [mostly]): 1) A good set of design rules 2) A good set of design rules meeting producibility r

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