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dek 248 carriage travel error

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 18:28:26 EDT 2018 | dekhead

Print Head Stroke Calibration?

solder paste printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 29 10:11:02 EDT 2019 | cyber_wolf

“For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of

Paste printing fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 13:49:08 EDT 2013 | garym4569

Has anyone had success using a DEK Proflow printhead with fine pitch components (~.2mm pitch). I have been told that squeegees are the way to go for fine pitch. What other major factors play a role in successfully printing fine pitch. Print speed,

PastePuck enclosed paste printing system

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 17:54:10 EDT 2008 | pjc

yes, should have said "studies have shown"... as they do. if not, all would be using pump print heads on our DEKs and MPMs that can take them, aye?

Pump Printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 11:06:30 EDT 2003 | Rich A.

Anyone experience of using Water Soluble paste in pump printing heads, either Dek proflow or Rheopump. Thanks in advance, RA.

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 07:23:24 EDT 2011 | scottp

My group supports a couple hundred lines all over the world. Most of them use squeegees but a few use either the MPM Rheometric pump heads or the DEK Proflow heads. I absolutely hate the enclosed heads. Flux separation, compaction, and the print q

Glue dispenser dor SMT line ( Glue process )

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 03:45:05 EDT 2007 | erhard

Hello Sami, if your placer is faster than your printer you must have very few components on the board, how many are there? What is the tact time of your mounter for this board, what is the tact time of your printer? How large is the board, can you s

DEK Proflow Head

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 16:25:52 EDT 2018 | ceharperc1

Anyone with a lot of printing experience, especially in proflow process? I am seeing a lot of voids in the bottom of the head after running. Will run with multiple good assemblies with paste volume being between 60% and 150%, out of no where we wil

Screen Printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 15:43:43 EDT 2004 | glaucon

Forgot details: Use a sample product that you will be running in production. Let each Equipment vendor run a test to meet your requirements. Often with each of these machines (MPM/DEK/EKRA) the key machine features are: -2D Inspection (for minimiz

Re: Dek ProFlow Head

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 18 13:38:09 EDT 2000 | James

I've heard there might be some problems when using an enclosed print head with water soluble paste. It dries out and compacts in the head. Just the opposite of what is claimed I know, but I hear it is wonderful when using no clean paste. Can anyon

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