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Measure humidity for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 14:49:15 EDT 2010 | davef

90%) from the sample, and the bake time and temperature specified herein are minimums. To improve test accuracy, or to prevent heat damage, other bake parameters may be AABUS. 2 Applicable Documents IPC-QL-653 Certification of Facilities that Inspect

Required humidity for SMT production and storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 00:56:20 EDT 2007 | Jani

Our SMT production and storage area is air-conditioned, constant temperature is maintained but the humidity is not controlled , the raw SMT material is stored in a "Drier" cabinet, but since we assemble hybrid SMT and thru-hole PCB assemblies, the SM

Required humidity for SMT production and storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 13:04:47 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Handling requirements of all classifications of moisture sensitive devices is found in J-STD-033. It really isn't an issue for most parts unless they're going to reach reflow temperature again, which is unlikely unless you're removing a nearby compo

How does temperature and humidity effect solder paste/printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 19:32:39 EDT 2001 | Adam

I'm trying to find information/articles describing the effects of temp and humidity on solder paste. Just recently we have gone through a change outside temperature and humdidty and have notice solderabilty problems with smt boards.

How does temperature and humidity effect solder paste/printing

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 22:05:58 EDT 2001 | davef

OA pastes are more hydroscopic than NC pastes. Hydroscopic. The capacity of a material to absorb and retain moisture from the ambient air. Sometimes this is compounded if you remove paste from the frig and let it warm to room temperature, because

PTH crystal is malfunction when humidity is up to 90%

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 08:48:11 EDT 2010 | Sean

Hi all, Is anyone used to encounter PTH(plated through hole) crystal component(Not SMT component) become malfunction when the environment humidity is more than 90%? It is happening here...It is very weird that crystal become OK when humidity is bac

Need help on assessment of effect of temperature and humidity in battery consumption

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 24 21:00:58 EDT 2018 | marlonbc

Hi All, Would just like to course through this concern on a product that we are contracted to assemble. It is mainly used for an automatic hand sanitizer dispensing product. By design there is a restrictive value of current that it needs to dissipat

Temperature & Humidity Effects on Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 09:22:18 EDT 1998 | Aaron Delfausse

My question is in regards to how exactly temperature and humidity affect the stencil printing process. If temperatures here at the plant in the summer are 70-73 degrees F. and relative humidity is 60-65%,to what extent will the results of the steci

Humidity and temperature

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 04:09:21 EDT 2016 | jimmyh

We are enclosing our SMT room and will control the Humidity and Temperature of the room. Is there a standard for humidity and temperature for a SMT room and if so what is it. What is protocol if it goes out of tolerance? Do we stop production? Is

Humidity & Temperature Range on SMT SHopfloor

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 03:32:12 EDT 2013 | pradeep_selec

Can anybody help & confirm the Humidity & Temperature Range to be maintained on SMT SHopfloor according to the IPC standard & its IPC standard number. Also the ways to compensate the humidity if its out of range; low cost / natural method.

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