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Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 17:17:49 EST 2005 | Randy Gray

Does any one know the fine pitch print capability on a DEK 265GS?? Thank you

DEK265 alignment out of range

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 19 07:57:13 EDT 2020 | leeg

Which model of Dek265 is it?


Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 24 15:31:40 EDT 2006 | mark

Hello, We have found that many times for DEK265GS in under stencil cleaning unit stucks cleaning paper (non-woven rolls). DEK said that cleaning unit for DEK265 has this problem. I just looking for improvment to eliminate issue. Question to the u

DEK265GSX >>>motor commumincation error

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 25 09:56:23 EDT 2008 | mysmt

Hello, we are using DEK265gsx printers, at the minute ARCOM unit is not communicating with motor control cards 0,1,2,3 in Y1 enclosure. Checked CPU & RS232/485 cards from other DEK265, found okay. Any help will be appreciated. Mysmt


Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 09:44:09 EDT 2018 | midware

Hi. Please help. On DEK 265 GSX i've got on the monitor message: "DEK 265 GSX Motor comms failure, card 1, axis 123 fatal error." F1-F8 doesn't work, machine cant start. No result after Reinitialise machine. Which one is this card1? Is it in PC?

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 13:01:31 EST 2004 | jsk


Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 21:41:13 EST 2005 | fastek

Power supply


Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 08:12:52 EDT 2007 | gemengr

thanks Chris .

looking for dek 265 manuals

Electronics Forum | loganting |

Mon Feb 02 18:43:46 EST 2015


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 09:59:25 EST 2005 | aj

Randy, We have a Dek 265GSX and 265 MK1. We print 20thou pitch components, 0.5mm. Just make sure you have good board support and USC. aj

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