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DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 18:43:35 EST 2019 | dekhead

Are you saying that it works in print mode and not in pass thru mode? Or that is won't pass boards downline regardless?

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 19:30:32 EST 2019 | Seth

It won’t pass down regardless

DEK 265LT problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 01:14:37 EDT 2018 | erici

Our DEK 265LT wont boot up with the DEK software. It says that the current version of the software can only run a 265GS printer, and to install the correct release of the software. Has anybody encountered the same problem? It just started happenin

Dek265MK1 failing to initialise

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 03 06:45:38 EDT 2009 | aj

machine wont initialise after breaker tripped when machine was powered down over the weekend. All PSU's check out fine along with Estop circuit. I get the command to press system button but thats as far as it goes. any ideas welcomed

DEK265 GSX chase clamp error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 09:59:03 EDT 2018 | bukas

correct, I also tried swapping motherboard but still same result. i the mean time i found battery leakage on Eurosys X1, replaced battery but now it won't start communication on machine initialization. got to repair it or something...

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 09:34:27 EST 2010 | baildl632

Thanks for the support. Maybe you can help me with another problem. I get a pate dispensor error command time out, which clears itself, then a screen actuator error command time out that doesn't clear during initialisation. Machine won't do anything

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 13:50:26 EST 2019 | s197seth

I am trying to do a Pass Through and the DEK wont send the board to the Conveyor and it says its waiting for downline transfer even when the SMEMAs are tripped. and on the Multi - Interface Unit, the light next to downline ready is not on. Any help?

Changing a DEK 265 Horizon to right to left

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 16:15:14 EDT 2019 | dekhead

If a few extra seconds of cycle time won't hurt you, recommend putting at max (3.0 sec) it will cycle all the way over to the Board @ Left sensor before extending BS and reversing. Otherwise play with the timing and requirement may vary from product

Dek265 mk1 power problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 16:19:32 EST 2020 | richardcargill

haven't tried the MINT as it won't let me get that far !! Swapping the Eproms with card 1 and changing the identifier will let it get to the 'Press SYSTEM key' part of the startup though, then it fails on card 1 instead of 0 so I'll give that a try i


Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 07:17:59 EDT 1998 | smd

| Would anybody like to share experiences with adding and using the | SECS/GEM interface on a multi-vendor line(DEK,FUJI,PANASONIC, | UNIVERSAL,BTU)??? I still don't quite understand how to use this interface. Can someone explain it? Will someone ex

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