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Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 13:00:33 EDT 2006 | john_smith

CN, I forgot a couple things. The DEK printers are easy to program at about 3-5 min. The MPM is a little more difficult to program and it takes about 20-30 min. Resale value is also in DEKs favor. Just look around in the equipment section and see all

Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 08:38:51 EDT 1998 | Jerry

We have had really good luck with the IIT version. We use it with a DEK265 also. I am having trouble coming up with a brochure but their email address is iit@ns.net. We have ordered probably 10 to 15 stencils for use on prototype builds. We have

DEK 265 and FUJI Board Loader

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 13:01:35 EST 2004 | bobsavenger

I have a DEK 265LT screen printer and a Fuji bare board loader. I cannot get the two machines to talk through the SMEMA cable. I have the personality card for the DEK and I have the correct cable for a FUJI machine. Is there something that I nee

DEK265GS - Startup problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 07:46:50 EDT 2012 | omur

We have the following problem with our DEK265GS during start-up: Loading Program... Loading Language... Stack Overflow! Any help / pointers would be much appreciated. Omur...

Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 07:13:15 EDT 1998 | smd

Does anyone use the "Quick Frame" with their Dek printer? The threads on the screws keep stripping, so we thought maybe we'd send our frames to a machine shop for heftier screws. Has anyone done this? Is there a better way? Isn't it weird how Alpha k

Viewing and editing PR1 files from a DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 23:54:54 EDT 2019 | rob1

Is possible to view and edit PR1 files from a DEK 265 Horizon on a PC?

Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 10:00:00 EDT 1998 | EFData

The quick frame does work well with the DEK 265, but we feel that tensioning is user dependent and introduces variation into the process on an operator to operator basis. Also, because tensioning occurs only on two sides (instead of four) this also i

Buying stenciling and pick and place equipement.

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 18:21:43 EST 1999 | Clarissa L. Ortner

We are a small start up. We will be buying a stenciling machine and semi automated pick and place. ( We have the oven) We are presently stenciling without any assit and loading leadless parts only(no fine pitch) by hand. We need to improve thrupu

DEK 265 and FUJI Board Loader

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 00:44:45 EST 2004 | donb

You probably have already done this... but you need to enter the maintenance program with the maintenance key, select "Set Prefs" scroll down to "Upline Machine" and enter "Fuji".

DEK 265 and FUJI Board Loader

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 21:41:13 EST 2004 | pdeuel

I have the same problem but an MPM downstream of the Fuji. Im looking for schematics for this Fuji. Before we had another machine hooked to this Fuji and the output switch needed to be set to latch. Otherwise only a pulse was seen and it was not long

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