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DEK265GS - Startup problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 07:46:50 EDT 2012 | omur

We have the following problem with our DEK265GS during start-up: Loading Program... Loading Language... Stack Overflow! Any help / pointers would be much appreciated. Omur...

DEK265 - self restarting

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 18:04:07 EDT 2008 | janz

Hello, Maybe someone has similar problem before. DEK265 LT after switching on during loading software 04.01 machine itself restarting (no particular place just random). Volatge seems to be ok. Regards Janz

DEK 265 to DEK Horizon 2 question

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 17 09:17:49 EST 2020 | sumote

Hello all. We recently purchased a DEK Hroizon to replace our aging 265 machine. The 265 had an auto-loading stencil setting known as a "Distance To Image" where it would place the stencil directly over the board. The Horizon 2 has no such feature.

DEK265 Calibration problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 25 11:23:58 EST 2006 | Curt

You may need to re-load the MINT files.


Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 00:01:23 EDT 2018 | leeg

Have you tried to re-load the MINT software 1st? Are the breakers in at the back of the machine?

DEK265 Calibration problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 20:05:31 EST 2006 | Robert

I had a problem to calibrate the vision of the DEK 265LT machine. After touch the calibration vision button a error message come up "Unable to load file CALIBRA.PR1" Does anyone know what fault could cause this? Do i need a calibration program? Doe

DEK 265GSX Rail System Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 02:51:25 EDT 2010 | tomta

We have a DEK 265 printer currently down due to the rail system error. The message "Belt Motor Error. Rail lifted error, check tooling" pop-up when pressed run. I did remove all the support pins prior loading a new job. I also ran rail system dian

DEK 265 Printer Error

Electronics Forum | Tue May 27 04:52:25 EDT 2014 | hemant_pang23

Need help to resolve the problem in DEK265 paste printer The error messages are as per following details 1. When switch on the Machine we are getting error message like " Rising Table Error" -Position error. 2.While loading the Mint we are get

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 13:14:11 EST 2004 | kauer

Hey, going to lunch now. Just for kicks, did you try to re-load Mint files? They may have been lost some other way, I have seen the DEK software do some crazy stuff in the past. Talk to You in a bit.

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 22:39:03 EST 2005 | Alan

Robert, you will have to re-load the MINT software. It only takes a couple of minutes to do this. This will fix out the errors. Refer to your DEK manuals on how to carry out this function. Cheers, Alan.

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