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SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 28 22:32:35 EDT 2002 | montanjees

Rick, I beleive that many of the OEM's will move their manufaxturing plants closer to the customer. Why wouldn't they? Material costs alone would save them gazillions. Free of almost free land, long term low interest loans in tax free zones, how can

help with ODM's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 07 11:44:06 EDT 2004 | brownegg

hi, i'm trying to find out what ODM's these 6 companies are using: Dell, HP/Compaq, FSC (Fujitsu Siemens Computer), IBM, APPLE and ACER. is there any kind of record of it on the net. At the moment i'm just going through the search engine and looki

BGA Reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Sun May 17 00:41:17 EDT 2009 | microdot

hi, I am sorry if i sound offended anybody. What i meant is that we are handling boards which are from major manufacturers like hp / compaq / dell / ibm / intel. So if annybody has experience of handling it..than they may have reflow profiles of sa

Must read: The Manufacturing Coalition

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 00:04:21 EST 2004 | fastek

It's the pressure that American CEO's are under to increase profits and please greedy shareholders and analysts that drives them to this result. Companies like Dell racing HP and Gateway to see who can make PC's for free. Companies like Motorola raci

Mirtec MV-3L

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 11:34:58 EDT 2013 | philc

Hello all, Just a quick intro as I am new to this group... My name is Phil, and I work for a small electronics company in the Channel Islands. We make boards for many companies. I am the Mirtec MV-3L user, and I am intrigued by this thread. Our MV-

Hi anyone have recommended pcb manufacturer?

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 30 11:34:23 EDT 2016 | huanyupcb

High Mix,Low Volume,Short Delivery PCB Supplier. 1.The world top 500 PCB supplier.( Samsung DELL Alcatel-Lucent Huawei Lenovo FOXCONN ASUS etc ) 2.Over 15+ Years of PCB Expertise. 3.Provided "PCB & Assembly One-stop shop"service,No MOQ. 4.ISO9001 I

PCBA was swollen after SMD

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 14:50:31 EDT 2021 | kumarb

more... if you want to source from the #1 PCB shop in China, then there is Shennan Circuits. Again, unless you have very high annual volumes, they will not deal direct. Shennan builds PCBs for the military, medical and other high profile accounts.

System is too slow, Will memory/speed increase do job?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 03 12:16:58 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

128MB in any system is ridiculous these days. While we have some machines at work on the production floor that only have 128 - they're only used to view BOM's, etc. Check http://www.pricewatch.com and buy yourself 1GB of RAM for no more than $100.

Ekra E5 question

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 22 09:10:54 EDT 2020 | kumarb

Hi Steve. Just came across your post. We are in the same boat with our Ekra X4 printer. Any resolution on your side? We have been attempting to track down a fresh ballast but the original (OSRAM HF 2x36 dimmable with 0-10V) is EOL and no where to be

Re: Sub-contractor selection

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 12:42:38 EDT 1999 | JohnW

| | We are looking for some subcontractors to do surface mount | | technology boards for us. Is there anything I should pay specific | | attention when I visit the subcontractor's site? | | Thank you for any advice | | | Wolfgang has a good poi

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