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dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 11:34:34 EST 2004 | saragorcos

You may also want to contact Terry Munson at Foresite - he is very knowledgeable about the root causes of dendritic growth - you can reach him at 765-457-8095 - he can more than likely provide you with some good advice. Sara

dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 04:01:08 EST 2004 | paul_fisher

We have a problem with dendritic growth that is affecting a new board going into production. This is of concern because they were subjected to Damp Heat Cyclic Tests as part of the product validation testing during their development. Fails to date

dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 09:32:59 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Hi Paul, One thing I can tell you for sure "lead free" is not going to solve your problem, because spectrum analysis have shown that dendrites at there final stage always consists of pure tin. The higher the tin content the higher the risk for dead

dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 07:32:57 EST 2004 | davef

On contaminated assemblies: While you isolated part of your dendritic growth to contaminated boards, could it be that you have a similar problem with other components, rather than your flux? Is this flux new? Have you had similar problems with thi

dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 08:01:14 EST 2004 | paul_fisher

Our paste is no new we have used it before [Cobar no-clean paste]. The solder joints look like they are bursting out salty looking crystals. Maybe the board cleaning is a red herring in that if the boards are clean it stops this crystalisation travel

dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 09:53:03 EST 2004 | paul_fisher

Yep fully functional and failed during the test. 25 to 55C in 3 hour hold for 9 hours then 55C to 25C in 3 hours hold for 9 hours then repeat. Humidity at 95 percent! Boards only part conformally coated. Growth with and without the coating. seems to

dendritic growth

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 10:26:48 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Yep that is a tough environment and no-clean will not work. The only two solutions you have is cleaning with a better cleanable paste (No-clean doesn't clean very well) Or you can go to no-residue and skip the cleaning. If you want to further discu

Dendrite growth

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 22:05:58 EST 2008 | callckq

Dear All, What is the possible root causes of the dendrite growth? How long its take to cause this dendrite growth? Can dendrite growth cause electrical short? Is there any particular location on PCBA that dendrite tend to grow? Thanks, Sean

Tin/lead Solder Leaching Dendrites

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 11:25:23 EDT 2000 | Dave F

In the portion of Chapter 1 on Flip Chips, Ken Gallio states ( "tin/lead solder leaching or dissolving gold and form metal compounds, called dendrites, that greatly reduce joint reliability because of high brittleness." What is the compositi

Dendritic Growth

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 21 06:56:09 EDT 2015 | robertwillis

Think you are talking about tin whiskers and not dendrites which are a different thing? Bob Willis

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