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Re: depaneling machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 24 10:51:29 EST 1999 | Bob S

If you have decent volume with high mix or are a contract shop, the most flexible method is a software controlled router. Using pre routed boards with tabs is not a bad way to go but there is a price for the pre routing that may more than justify the

Re: depaneling machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 22 12:21:51 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jake: This'll get you started: 1 Read the archives 2 primary approaches to paneling are; * Moise bites * Singulation * Routing * Scoring * Shearing 3 Major depaneling technologies are: * Singulation (Wand 708.459.2400fax2421, Circuit Technolo

What defect in SMT will be cuased by dust contamination?

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 27 15:14:08 EST 2021 | researchmfg

Does anyone know what defect in SMT will be caused by dust contamination? What dust level in SMT environment is recommended? Recently an audit come to factory and ask we must control the amount of dust. Why SMT line need to control the dust level?

What defect in SMT will be cuased by dust contamination?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 15 01:38:46 EDT 2021 | researchmfg

Thanks for the answer. Did you really find the dust block the nozzle and sensor? By the way, If SMT environment need to control the dust then what size of dust need to be controlled? 0.3um, 0.5um or 10um?

What defect in SMT will be cuased by dust contamination?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 20:58:48 EST 2021 | emeto

This have been solved by storing the boards right in all places I have worked. You open a pack, label and use. If you collect dust in such a small time window, you should totally start paying for cleaning service of the building. Electronics we build

What defect in SMT will be cuased by dust contamination?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 18:08:19 EDT 2021 | scarittagle

A certain degree of cleanliness is needed in SMT manufacturing environment but not as overkill as place it in a "clean room" environment... Yes, dust could cause defect on PCBAs (and there are research papers about it too) but onl

how to control warpage on panelized pcb during reflow process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 04:39:49 EDT 2019 | sssamw

yes, You need tell us how the PCB and board designed, size, material, how de-paneling the PCB?

PCB Laser Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 03 09:25:59 EDT 2017 | Rob

Use a router with fiducial correction? in reality if you are putting a PCB in a plastic enclosure then the injection moulding is going to have far greater tolerances than a laser or router depanelised PCB is. Also, if our laser markers are anything

PCB Depaneling Router

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 23:39:04 EST 2008 | gdzuber

There are different options for de-paneling routers. There are two basic types, in-line and stand-alone. Do you need in-line for high volume? The stand-alone systems have manual insertion trays, one or two trays. Also, after de-paneling or laser ma

Automated Depanel - Tabs or Scores?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 23 12:55:45 EST 2020 | roblackey

Key benefits for us: Labour saving - machine part of SMT line (mainly one product type, 2 shifts), so boards effectively delivered ready for the next stage, with no human interaction. Uniformity of finish - where we had a critical dimension we run

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