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Double sided design

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 10:32:03 EDT 2005 | davef

IPC-2221A, Generic Standard on Printed Board Design, the base document that covers all generic requirements for printed board design, regardless of materials. From there, the designer can choose the appropriate sectional standard for a specific techn

PCB design

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 06:19:51 EDT 2010 | grld_fischer

Hello All, I am brand new to PCB design and I came across this forum while browsing. It’s very interesting to meet members here sharing information on PCB designing. I came across few articles on web regarding DFM(Design for Manufacturability) metho

PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 04:16:55 EST 2016 | crystalpcb

Hi Brother, My Boy Friend is a engineer designer,he often use pads and Altium_Designer.

Do you allow manufacturer changes to your PCB design?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 10:45:04 EST 2019 | slthomas

*You* may be well versed, but not every designer is experienced or even familiar with DFM. I don't care how sophisticated the circuitry is, if you can't build it it's a lousy design, and as an EMS we see many designs that shouldn't have passed the

PCB Design

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 15 17:56:20 EDT 2015 | mikekeens

Wouldn't say there is a perfect tool for PCB design as it depends how much you have available to spend. Here's a list of different PCB design software, some of which are free and some come at a cost:- http://www.surfacemountprocess.com/pcb-design-s

how to learn PCB design

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 09:07:12 EDT 2017 | davef

IPC Designers Council — an international society for individuals interested in design [ http://www.ipc.org/ContentPage.aspx?pageid=Designers-Council ]

Do you allow manufacturer changes to your PCB design?

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 30 10:58:58 EST 2019 | kylehunter

Absolutely not, and if they were able to make it better, than your design isn't sufficient to begin with. Designers design, manufacturers manufacture.

Stencil design software

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 15:27:20 EDT 2021 | emeto

Hello fellow experts, can you please recommend a software for stencil design. We want to add our internal stencil design guidelines in it and generate stencil design gerbers here in house. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Design for Assembly

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 20 04:08:12 EDT 2018 | pcbcart

Most PCB Assembly Houses offers free wide-range DFA before the production run to ensure the design is capable for manufacturing. Actually, for pcb designers, it's recommended to be aware of the concepts of Design for Manufacture and Assembly of PCBs

PCB manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 28 04:53:59 EDT 2010 | grld_fischer

Hey Dave, Thank you so much for the information. One of my friends suggested me that we have free DFM software’s offered by few PCB manufacturers which enables the designers to check their PCB design during the initial design process, preventing des

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