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Re: Ultrasonic stencil cleaner (fixing my typo's...)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 21:43:47 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

I had a couple of typo's...when I talked about the detergent, I meant to say NON polluting detergent like Smart Sonic's...I didn't mean to insinuate that the detergent (R440) from Smart Sonic is...neither detergent is polluting...

Researching stencil cleaners

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 13:53:11 EST 2001 | gcs

Ultrasonic I understand maybe the best at cleaning stencils, but we use a "pressure spray" it works very well and only takes appx. 12 minutes to wash & self dry. Alcohol is the cleaner, but there are several company's making detergents for cleaning

Need help

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 23:42:59 EDT 2002 | EC

Hi, Can someone tell me what is mean COD and BOD for testing the detergent. What is DOE mean? Thanks.

Stencil Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 14:32:21 EDT 2006 | H. Jablohmie

SmartSonic is the best on the market. The 440R detergent is very environmentally friendly. -Haywood (admitted Tree-Hugger)

Missprint PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 17 02:59:10 EDT 2008 | mossmantech

You might want to try on kolb MultiEx 3D waterbased detergent.

White residues

Electronics Forum | Sun May 25 10:30:31 EDT 2008 | necdetozyonum

Dear All, I would like to take your opinion about the result that we have faced after cleaning the PC assemblies in a cleaning machine (Miele Dishwasher) with the cleaning detergent Qualitek Everkleen 1005. We use DI water for cleaning purpose in t

Re: Cleaning solvent for missprinted PCB (paste & Glue)

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 01 11:08:03 EST 1998 | Bill Schreiber

Smart Sonic's 440-R SMT Detergent cleans all types of solder paste, wet SMD adhesives and post solder flux residue from misprinted PCBs, stencils and tooling. 440-R SMT Detergent is non hazardous and is certified by the Air Quality Management Distri

Stencil foils delaminating

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 09 15:11:42 EST 2006 | bschreiber

This link will explain the cause of the delamination: http://www.smartsonic.com/ssonicfaq.html#4 You need to shorten the cleaning cycle and lower the temperature. Provide me with your mailing address and I will send you a sample of our 440-R SMT D

Re: stencil epoxy debonding

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 11:52:17 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

I knew I was forgetting something. We use Smart Sonic 440-R, a mildly alkaline (ph 12.4 in the concentrate, we dilute to about 10%) detergent that they obviously recommend for use.

Cleaning Misprinted PCB's

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 18:30:08 EDT 2000 | mbourke

What is the preferred method of cleaning misprinted double sided No-Clean boards which are assembled on side 1 ? What type of equipment is being used ? What solvents / detergents work well for a variety of solder pastes / glues ?

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