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Manufacturing and test room cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 10:12:32 EST 2007 | slthomas

The use of booties isn't required per se, just considered a standard step necessary to reach the 10,000 target. You also need to vacuum (central vac system, NOT exhausting into the room) daily, mop weekly, have a one piece floor, blah, blah, blah....

Cleaner device for PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 16:10:09 EST 2004 | blnorman

Another equipment manufacturer is Smart Sonic. Most equipment manufacturers have their own chemistries, but they are also willing to use other cleaners. What we have done is to send boards that need to be cleaned to the equipment manufacturer. W

Cleaner device for PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 13:12:35 EST 2004 | Debbie

Hi Rick, Cleaning No Cleans is becoming more of a norm. It is true that changing to a OA flux/paste would be a easier process to control from a cleaning standpoint. A water soluble process will cost a great deal less as well. However, if your pro

repair the BGA/CSP device

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 00:11:41 EDT 2001 | qinongzhu

We are preparing a batch of samples for test. several IC which packaged by BGA/CSP was removed from PCB by reworkstation. However, I need to re-use this IC. I want to know whether there is a way to remove the solder balls from these IC devices and ca

Cleaner device for PCB

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 01 18:24:52 EST 2004 | Dean

Ok, maybe I'm missing something here: It's a no clean flux type AND your going to wash it? Why not migrate to OA Flux and just run DI water with Ion-Exchange beds? Benefits: No need for ultrasonics No need for chemical isolation No need for cleani

Re: Moisture sensitive device processing

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 12:51:45 EDT 1999 | Bob

Steve, Moisture sensitivity needs to be taken seriously. Being in the commercial end of electronics now, I am using many plastic packages. Unfortunately, moisture sensitivity processing is not black and white and it does require procedures and dis

BGA device continuity testing of solder connections

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 16 00:05:52 EDT 1999 | Will Grubb

Hello I am looking for help in determining a simple (software based) method for testing the continuity of individual pins on an SRAM devices packaged in BGA. Can you help, or do you know someone who can help? Or do you know of an internet resouce whi

Manufacturing and test room cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 06:16:13 EST 2007 | Ayelet

Hi, I am lookinh for standards that define the cleanliness level of the assembly room and also for the test and packaging room. I understand that tehre are some defintions of tempertaure and humidity that shoudl be met. Are there any specs for part

Manufacturing and test room cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 07:58:58 EST 2007 | ayelet

Thank you guys. So to summarize - no spec, just need to have decent cleaning... Are you familiar with dust events that caused burning of test stations ? Thanks Ayelet

Manufacturing and test room cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 02 11:24:13 EST 2007 | vze3nk2r

is there a level above 100,000 that does not require the use of booties for general assembly work?

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