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RFID devices in SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 00:10:51 EDT 2002 | Steve O'Brien

Does anybody know if you can get low cost RFID devices suited to the SMT manufacturing process. I am looking for a way of tracking PCBs without using barcodes, instead I would like to use RFID technology.

Gold Leaded SMT devices

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 09 20:23:23 EDT 2003 | Pfb

We are using gold plated leads on SMT devices. Gold embrittlement is supposed to be a problem at concentrations above 4%. Has anyone done any work to qualify this?

Stacking of TSOP devices

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 15 08:28:23 EDT 2017 | joelperez

Hello SMTnet forum, does anyone know a way or company that can stack 2 TSOP devices as one? Long ago there was a company STAKTEK that started this technology but went out of business... or what are the alternatives. Thank you in advance. Joel

X-Ray for CSP devices

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 07:16:55 EDT 1999 | Steve

Hello All, I am setting up a line to mount CSP/uBGA devices and now am looking at the X-Ray process. It is my opinion that this should be done offline - can you tell me if Im right or do I need to put one inline? Also anyone who is mounting CSP/uBG

Moisture Sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 03:40:30 EST 1999 | JohnW

Folk's, I'm looking for information on moisture sensitive devices for our trainer's to use when explaining the concept to new recruit's. There seem's to be load's and load's of info available to ESD but very little for MSD, so I thought I'd ask the

Re: Moisture Sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 19 11:07:17 EST 1999 | Bob Smith

Hi John, I don't know of any posters etc. but specs. are available free on-line at www.jedec.com for classification, time out of packaging before baking is required, bake times & temperatures. My understanding is that it only causes a problem if th

Re: Moisture Sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 26 04:44:21 EST 1999 | LucaS

I found a good help in reading the app.note: HANDLING OF MOISTURE SENSITIVE PLASTIC PACKAGES free downlodable from: http://www.pmc-sierra.com The document is clear, and I believe is simple enough for a basic course. That's all.

Re: Moisture Sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 29 13:16:58 EST 1999 | Michelle Ogihara

Hello John, Lots of hints and info can be found on Intel's site: http://developer.intel.com/design/quality/icstorage/moisture_sensitivity.htm. Hope this helps. Regards, Michelle.

Baking of MSD devices

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 20:49:14 EST 2006 | davef

According to J-STD-033B, 3.1 Requirements: The levels are determined per J-STD-020 and/or per JESD22-A113 plus reliability testing. Look here: http://www.jedec.org/download/search/jstd020c.pdf

RFID devices in SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 02 11:52:51 EDT 2002 | davef

We looked at RFID labels for finished assembly tacking. Most of the applications of RFID are used to prevent inventory shrinkage of expensive clothing. Although, increasingly companies are using RFID in security applications. The ISO 15693 standar

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