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physical law of Dewetting

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 20:46:24 EST 2001 | ianchan

Thanks for the awareness, will look into my profile, and try analyze which type of dewetting r we actually encountering...


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 05:35:17 EDT 2008 | surendra268

What could be the main reasons for De-wetting in reflow process. Can anybody answer

Dewetting on QFP

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 08:57:14 EDT 2005 | ktron

Hi there, I have questions regarding on dewetting issue.. Q1) How to identify on good or bad ICs lead that could contribute to dewetting? Q2) What actions that must be taken in facing this issue? Thank n regards,

Help with dewetting

Electronics Forum | Mon May 24 19:37:57 EDT 2010 | jry74

I am new Engineer in conformal coating and I am looking for help with dewetting. What "Tricks of the trade" can I try to reduce or eliminate dewetting? We use a lot of Conap CE 1155 and Humiseal 1B73? Any help would be appreciated!!!

physical law of Dewetting

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 04:31:47 EST 2001 | ianchan

I refer to IPC-A-610C, section 12.4.5, the defect term "dewetting". Can the experts pls help define the actual stages that constitute the formation of a dewetting defect? I do understand the common concept teachings that there may be contamination

Dewetting Problem on Photo-coupler lead

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 18 00:07:23 EDT 1999 | Vic Lau

I have experienced some dewetting problem on the photo-coupler's lead. No matter what types (how strong) the pre-cleaner and fluxes I used, still not completely resolve this problem. I just wonder, why this is so common to have dewetting problem on

Help with dewetting

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 11:37:50 EDT 2010 | davef

Where on the assembly is the dewetting occurring? Factors that influence dewetting usually involve non-ionic contamination such as: * Residues from board manufacture including silicone surfactants from solder resist & HASL rinse contamination * Comp

De-wetting on Immersion Silver finish board

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 24 13:20:24 EDT 2000 | Murad Kurwa

One of our divisions is having this problem: - De-wetting on the smt pads and componenent termination on the bottom side after top side procssed through reflow. Board finish is immersion silver. ? Any recommendation on what we should check & verify

PCB storage for lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 09:35:12 EDT 2008 | babe7362000

Can anyone tell me if there is a procedure for storing raw PCB's? We currently are seeing an issue with lead free boards with dewetting. We tracked it down to one or two datecodes, but not all of the boards have dewetting. Is there a expiration da


Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 09:01:47 EDT 2010 | Sean

Thanks Rob and Davef..

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