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Voiding in LGA (LT) soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 10:15:44 EDT 2010 | arjan

Dear Sachu_70, During the tests we also checkt other devices, there are a few small voids visible, but they are marginal. We only see large voids in this device. During the testruns we tried several reflow profiles, but without large succes.

CR Technology RTI-6520

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 06 09:42:57 EDT 2011 | vetteboy86

I've put a call in for some tech support. I haven't had much succes dealing with them in the past. If anyone is running this machine, any knowlege on my problem is much appreciated. Currently camera 3 (highest magnification) will not find fiducials

Juki 740

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 06:01:38 EDT 2018 | lozie

hello, I suppose you didn't put any placement offset in the component placement settings. did you perform the general calibration of the lasers? with the supplied calibration tool that comes with the machine. check MSP parameters, as there might b

Juki 740

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 24 10:56:08 EDT 2018 | lozie

I guess you better buy yourself a calibration JIG, as you will need it after each service to the placement heads or lasers. I have spare if I can help you with that, even better would be that the person who sold you the machine should give you the o

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Rating System

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 14:38:34 EST 2006 | Mike Z

We are undertaking a project to try to put a rating system to our DFM documents for both PCB design, final assembly, and testing areas. I am wondering if anyone has found a tool that has been used as a DFM rating system so that I may save some time

advice on selecting ATE/ICT

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 11:51:44 EDT 2007 | chef

To clarify my comment regarding test points- I mentioned that fact as I knew we would need to develop test beds that may be more difficult due to test points not easily provided. Beyond that, my goal is to begin DFM with my customers that would inclu


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 09 20:55:15 EDT 2001 | davef

Very clever posting this thread on the SMTnet Site Support Forum. As the previous poster implied ... WHAT???? Your question is unspecific. In the most basic sense ... Design-For-"X" (DF"X"). The value-added service of instituting "best practice

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 06 09:53:59 EDT 1998 | Earl Moon

GEOMETRIC DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING (GDT) Using and applying GDT to printed circuitry and assemblies is very much like applying it to any other design for manufacturing (DFM) or design for assembly (DFA) requirement using concurrent engineering (C

Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 10 02:04:26 EST 2011 | julien

We've got the same problem here, what we do is to apply peelable solder mask around the connectors or the exclusion zone. But be carefull! Sometimes the soldermask get inside the connectors and you can't remove it so you have to change it. Another th

Solder Joint Strength

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 10:27:58 EST 2005 | chunks

Wow, Daja Vu! Besides a 9 iron, there isn�t any official physical test you speak of. You can run a design of experiments to prove your joints are strong, but I wouldn�t suggest pushing, slapping or prying on a customers solder joints. Any such pok

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