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Viscosity conversion units Query

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 07 05:16:12 EST 2004 | kanwal324

We are using solder paste of Alpha Metals 390DH4. As per manufacturer guidelines the viscosity of paste after 1/2 hr. conditioning and after mixing in paste mixer,it shoule be between 800-1250KCP. Our customer is asking for viscosity to be maintained

Solder flux paste for Luxeon emitters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 16:30:30 EST 2006 | davef

380SR-flux gel is sold by Cobar. Look here: http://www.lumileds.com/pdfs/AB10.PDF This application note suggests: * �#1;Metals 390DH4 * �#1;Metals LR735 * �#1;Metals NS4029 * ESP 6#1;412 * Cobar 380SR#1;flux gel Comments are: * "�#1;Metals" is "A

Re: Clean before conformal coating?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 06 22:09:53 EST 2001 | Greenman

Cory, I've got a lot of experience of testing of this type. The physical (not chemical) nature of the flux residues is the crucial issue in compatibility. If you have a softer residue (either caused by a thick initial solder paste deposit, or a low p

Luxeon Lumiled

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 11:11:18 EST 2004 | iva

Hello Charlie, For Application of thermal conductive glue by dispensing, Luxeon recommends Amicon E3503 from Emerson and Cuming (www.emersoncuming.com) for its standard Luxeon Power Light Sources. For optimal thermal connection it is important that


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