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Wire Bonding fiducial mark specifications

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 17:58:49 EST 2007 | flipit

Hi, I would not be too concerned about what the shape of your wirebonding fiducial is. Cross, Square, Diamond, Circle, will all work well for you. I use a "+" and a diamond. Your machine magnification will be great, so don't make the fiducials to

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 13:06:55 EST 2004 | Chris

Hi I have a question about fiducial mark. Can anyone explain me how it is work?. Do you have to during programming set exactly center of the mark? or approximate point the mark and the machine during placemnt will correct it. In some P&P i have met

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 04:26:58 EST 2004 | Evtimov

Hi Chris, About marks detect: If you have vision system you can recognize the fids and not center them manual. If only camera you have to put the center of the camera in the center of the mark.

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 13:33:25 EST 2004 | stefwitt

How well should the fiducial be centered in the teach mode? Consider that you see the fiducial with probably 40 times magnification on the monitor. If you see the cross-hair a bit off center, then this is most likely just by a few hundreds of a milli

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 13:11:32 EST 2004 | stefwitt

I published some info under http://www.geocities.com/stefwitt/Vision.html

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 16:26:38 EST 2004 | rhdez

Is this problem with local fiducials or global? Is the problem on the same equipment? Is this a cad file o centroid? How are you measure the coordinates?

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 20:53:28 EST 2004 | Ken

How does a fiducial work? I am going to venture a guess as how it ralates to the parts you are trying to place... A PCB fiducial is a landmark. The fiducial tells the machine where the board is located in the machine. A single fid can only deter

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 03 09:03:41 EST 2004 | caldon

Chris- I use the SMEMA Standard as a reference. Goto http://www.smema.org and click the Council Standards link on the Home page. the SMEMA standard you want is 3.1 or http://www.smema.org/smema3.1.pdf Hope this Helps. Enjoy, Cal www.CTDI.com

fiducial mark

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 02 22:40:52 EST 2004 | pdeuel

To clean up other replys I will add that some most all machines have global correction. Most placements are an off sets from pcb 0,0 usually the lower left corner of the board. When the machine locates the fiduitals and these fids are not exactly whe

Re: fiducial mark placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 15:08:43 EST 1999 | Andy Yates

If possible, three or more fiducials is optimal. That way scale, translation and projection can be estimated. Andy

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