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Rework Flux

Nov 4, 2002 |

Board Profiling

Oct 18, 2002 | Many times the board may look the same but incases there could be subtle differences that could caus

Reel Tracking System

Oct 7, 2002 | We use home-grown java based software to turn our remstar shuttles. Manages 8000 different part numb

Solder Tip Shroud

Sep 17, 2002 |

Gold versus HASL

Sep 13, 2002 |

Reusing Solder Paste

Sep 13, 2002 | I have heard a lot of different stories about reusing solder paste. I take what is left on the scree

Where do I Start?

Sep 10, 2002 |

Electra 600F

Sep 5, 2002 |

Big Board Production

Aug 20, 2002 |


Aug 5, 2002 |

Super M.O.L.E or Slim KIC 2000 for oven profiling?

Jul 30, 2002 | Slim KIC would be my choice out of these two vendors. I have worked with several different makes an

Nitrogen and dry cabinet

Jul 29, 2002 | Is there a difference between the Nitrogen cabinet vs Dry cabinet ? How does this helps in creating

BGA Reliability

Jul 23, 2002 |


Jun 27, 2002 |

Trace Elements in Solder

Jun 26, 2002 | You can check with Alpha. ie Alpha had 3 different grade of the 63/37 bar, Vaculoy, Vaculoy SMG and

Comparison between Glue & solderpaste process

Jun 20, 2002 | Hi Dave, I am agree with you,but one of my customer want to know the difference in terms of rework/

Comparison between Glue & solderpaste process

Jun 20, 2002 | We look at gluing and pasting second side components as two different processes, NOT alternative pro


Jun 12, 2002 |


Jun 7, 2002 |

pasteprinting D.O.E.

Jun 6, 2002 | Don't forget squeegee type and angle. (Am I an Ian wanna be or what?) I'd leave out different ty

Agilis Feeders

May 13, 2002 | Is there any difference in performance when running paper tape or plastic? What's the smallest pa

place BGA by FUJI IP3

Apr 24, 2002 | I would check your machine. Often times you purchase IP3's with two different camera's, to accomodat

High Mix Low Volume

Apr 22, 2002 |

Selective wave selection

Apr 6, 2002 |

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Mar 13, 2002 |

Need Help from someone with experiance on connecting CSM60 to PC

Mar 5, 2002 | hi, yes i know those machine'a are made by YAMAHA !! Philips sels them under a different name.

BGA ball to pad ratio

Feb 26, 2002 |

BGA ball to pad ratio

Feb 26, 2002 |

In-Line Stencil Printers vs. Semi-Auto

Feb 22, 2002 | Armin, another argument ist that the range of available options /features is totally different. E

Residual BGA Stress

Feb 5, 2002 |

Temperature sensitive part

Dec 13, 2001 | Contact the fabricator of this part for their recommendations. There is about as many different app

Safe chairs

Nov 27, 2001 |

Soldered PCB jumpers

Nov 27, 2001 |

Where's The Drill? ... or responsibility

Nov 23, 2001 | What Claude is saying may be right. But looking at it a bit different from the view of "senior manag

Solder balls after wavesolder

Nov 14, 2001 | We are experiencing many solder balls after wavesolder. Two different board suppliers of the same b

PCB Thermal shock

Nov 3, 2001 | Hi Could somesomeone help to let me know can bare PCB (FR4) is damaged by thermal shock? Can differ

Escalation process

Oct 17, 2001 |

Solid Solder Deposit

Oct 17, 2001 | Hey Dave, I beg to differ. ssd is currently available in the US, very reliable, and cost effectiv

Dek compared to MPM

Sep 17, 2001 | Hi Jeff Am I correct in asumming that the dek requires different stencil designs com

BGA -X-Ray Services

Sep 5, 2001 | We can perform testing on any size of boards or components and offer many different levels of servic

Solder Joint Strength

Aug 24, 2001 |

ERSA scope?

Aug 17, 2001 |

flying probe test services

Flux-Free Reflow Soldering