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The best manual pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 04 08:57:11 EST 2012 | mlevesque

Hi everyone! We are looking for a manual pick and place for prototyping and low volume. If the machine can make a PCB basic inspection, this is an advantage. I found Essemtec, I think is good, but do you have any others suggestion? Thank you

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 12:56:44 EST 2011 | gabriel1blue

Thank you, I have the program done and ready to run, but Im not able to get the machine to move to the mount location automatically, you say to highlight the location and press shift + P or T but how do I highlight the x,y data 1st? Or is this done o

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 13 18:47:21 EST 2011 | gabriel1blue

Thank you for your fast reply, head 1 moves to the pick up location and stays up, then it moves to the dump location and moves down to drop the part, it was running before just the offsets where off (moving up and down). If I chance the head from hea

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 12 13:19:27 EST 2011 | tpappano

A simple trick I read either here or on another P&P forum is to use "Silly Putty". Place a small thin spot of Silly Putty on the top of the front conveyor rail, and put the machine in "manual" mode. Steer head #1 over the putty and lower it, leavin

Juki pick and place ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 02 18:49:05 EDT 2008 | jlawson

Juki machines generally are great machines for reliablity and maintaining overall accuracy as they have full linear (mag-scales) encoders on XY axis and self calibration features. Laser centering has its pros and cons - mostly pros, but can have iss

Dima Manual Pick and Place fp-600

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 20:11:50 EDT 2011 | chrsitiev

Does anyone know how to repair a Dima FP-600. I am having issues when I pick up a part it stops turning, but it will turn when I don't have a part on. Even if someone could provide me with a picture inside the head, it would be very helpful! Thank

Dima Manual Pick and Place fp-600

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 04:39:43 EDT 2011 | dilogic

It has very simple construction - there are two rubber o-rings which serve as a coupling. On ours, one was broken and after replacing it with a new one everything was as new. Just open the head and it will all be clear - it's very easy to fix. - Den

small and good pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 23:18:03 EDT 2013 | feiyangniao

There is a new toy I received today: a NeoDen TM-240A automatic desktop pick and place machine! I’ve kept my eyes on this baby for a quite a while, and finally decided to make a purchase last week. The shipping was very fast: DHL from China, a total

Tabletop pick and place equipment selection

Electronics Forum | Fri May 28 12:03:07 EDT 1999 | Tom O.

Has anyone had experience with prototype-scale, table top Placemax and/or Manncorp pick and place equipment? If so, what has been your experience with the machines? Are they reliable? Did they meet all your needs? Which needs didn't they fill? Is

Generating pick and place file in GC-Powerplace

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 29 19:04:13 EDT 2012 | e_music

Hello, I have just installed the demo version of GC-Powerplace. Could anyone here walk me through the process to generate pick and place file from gerbers? I don't have solderpaste layer. All I have got is signal layers (top/bottom), soldermask, sil

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