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Lead-free/RoHS compliant assembly capabilities?

Feb 8, 2017 | Tin dipping of components in RoHS compatible solder is one means to turn the lead bearing components

Quad 100 info?

Aug 25, 2016 | MT professional foundries: SMT, DIP, assembly, testing, packaging and "professional OEM services SMT

Hi anyone have recommended pcb manufacturer?

Aug 25, 2016 | MT professional foundries: SMT, DIP, assembly, testing, packaging and "professional OEM services SMT

Thick Film Screen Printer

Aug 13, 2016 |

Potting/Conformal Coating

Feb 25, 2016 |

PoP parts

Apr 17, 2014 |

Reworking BGA's

Oct 13, 2011 |

PCB Solderability

Nov 15, 2010 |

PCB Solderability

Oct 5, 2010 |

Thru-hole placements

Feb 11, 2010 | Universal Sequencer, VCD, Radial, or Unimod(DIP installer) machines! We only still have and run our

Hot Bar Soldering

Dec 19, 2008 | We don't know dip a about rigid flex. Flexdude wrote "Hot-Bar Soldering, Attaching Flex Circuits

Coating Brush Touch-up

Dec 4, 2008 |

problem in solderability

Sep 3, 2008 | Omid, In some cases we have been able to restore acceptable solderability by dipping the leads

Types of OSP Coating

Sep 9, 2007 |

Universal machines documentation

Sep 9, 2007 | Hi, we have just purchased some old universal machines for thru hole insertion (Axial, radial, dip,

Low tensile strenght of SMD

Jul 18, 2006 | This RoHS has created a new "underworld" of brokered parts --- parts dipped in Lead-Free alloy to pa

No solder and solder bridge after Wave solder machine

Nov 17, 2005 | Hi, We have a board with over 100 chips (mixed size) and some long Connector DIP through out Wave s

Copper Dissolution

Nov 14, 2005 | From Alpha Metals: "The test for copper dissolution was conducted by dipping a pre-fluxed copper wir

Selective Conformal Coating

Mar 11, 2005 | We are currently masking and dipping. I need to source a selective conformal coating machine. I'm l

Set Command Variables

Feb 12, 2005 |

Conformal coating application

Sep 27, 2004 | We agree with Hoss. Dipping is far more controllable and less expensive than spraying for the casua

Securing components for wave soldering

Jul 15, 2004 | Yep, but its hard to contol small parts with the bags. They're good for DIP's and sockets, connecto

Mesh for board washer baskets

Jun 29, 2004 | What you are looking for is called Plastisol coating. Think of a tv commercial where they dip a pair

QFP soldering issue

Jan 15, 2004 |

Soldering Lead-Free Globtop BGA to Pin-Socket Interposer

Nov 19, 2003 | We'd be incluned to dip the BGA ball in tacky flux, place the BGA on the PTH interposer, reflow that

Re-Reflowing PCB's

Oct 14, 2003 |

QFP Coplanarity & Alloy 42

Oct 1, 2003 | They take the solder in a dip and look solderability test but when in normal reflow process we got s

Wave Soldering Upflow

Aug 8, 2003 | Problem areas are always ground connections. 20 pin dips have great flow on 18 of 20 pins, caps have

Voidless Reflow Soldering

Jetting Pump for Integration