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Conformal coating Pen

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 01 20:12:16 EDT 2005 | Tom B

Steve, We use that Circuit Works pen as well! You can purchase a UV cure then download it to an opaque syringe or bottle. Use a small EFD or similar luer lock tip and dispense where needed. Tom

Automated solder wire feeder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 15:36:23 EST 2010 | tds

JBC Tools has a wire solder feed solder iron. You can control how much is dispensed to the tip. I have sold several of these to customers soldering wires in to terminals. The hand piece is bigger than the typical solder iron but it beats the alter

Re: dispensing paste for rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 14:02:03 EDT 1999 | Timothy O'Neill

| Earl, | | Srt makes a system called the summit 2100D. Its a relatively new product but it is designed for rework applications. The programming is simple and interfaces well with other srt products. As with any dispensing system, you have to cl

GDM 0603 nozzle type?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 11:45:17 EST 2005 | JB

Any Universal GDM users out there, what nozzle type are you using succesfully to dispense glue on 0603's? Single or Dual tip? How about standoffs? Thanks in advance for the info.

Re: SMT soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 10:21:46 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Hi all, | I am new to SMT. In past I've made many PCB boards with my small hands at home, but I've used regular technology drilling the holes for the components. | I am trying to use SMT for my projects. SOP packages I was able to solder using a re

adhesive on pads

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 30 17:27:45 EST 2002 | davef

You should not have glue "all over the place." Tou should not have glue on solderable surfaces. It sounds like you are stringing glue from one dispense location to the next. Search the fine SMTnet Archives [there might be something there]. Read a

Re: SMT soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 24 16:03:56 EDT 1998 | Boris Akselrud

Dave, Thanks for your responce. I think I can manage to solder components by hand. But I am trying to find out an alternative way to solder them. The distance between leads becomes very small and if solder gets in between them I will have hard times

Micro Dot Paste Dispensing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 17:17:08 EDT 2004 | cvega

GPD Global provides a line of system to for small volume solder paste and condutive adhesive dispensing know as the MicroMax. Our systems have an accuracy of 0.001" at the needle tip, capability of two valve mountings, integrated closed loop needle

Conformal coat material dispensed through epoxy needle?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 10:25:37 EST 2017 | ttheis

Thanks for the tip. I'm still getting familiar with the machine by reading the manuals as I have time. Was wondering what type of solvent you use to clean the dispensing mechanism parts? Or do you not clean anything and simply dispose of the syring p


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 11:50:24 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

| O.K., somebody read a probably hand-written 3 as 8. | Under these numbers, I can find at IBM's Patent Server the following other topics: | USP 4,312,692 | http://www.patents.ibm.com/details?patent_number=4312692: | USP 4,314,870 | http://www.pat

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