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Camalot dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 00:46:43 EDT 2005 | bigvern

Hi can anyone advise as to wether the Camalot Gemini 1 dispenser is capable of doing lines and circles as well as the high speed dots. The facility appears to be there in the software, just wondered whether anyone had tried.

Camalot dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 08:55:09 EDT 2005 | pjc

Gemini is dot machine only, no lines, circles, etc.... The model 5000, 1818 and XyFlex Pro can do all. http://www.speedlinetech.com/camalot/index.aspx

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 14:56:37 EDT 2008 | markhoch

The paste dispensers work well as long as the humidity in your shop is properly controlled. If it gets too humid, and the paste gets "soupy", then it will take less air pressure to dispense it onto the stencil. Paste dispensers use a controlled, pre-

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 10:02:06 EDT 2008 | mmjm_1099

I have used the MPM dispensers and had no past issues with this.

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 11:59:12 EDT 2008 | vms

todd the best answer is this" don't use the dispenser it will waste to much solder paste" Harry

Solder paste dispenser choice

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 20 20:46:16 EDT 2008 | davef

Why give away placement machine capacity for something that could be: * Stenciled * Hand dispensed

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 09:35:20 EDT 2008 | toddl

Hi everyone, I am looking for positive and negative feedback on the use of the paste dispensing system on MPM screen printers. We currently have four machines with this capability that we do not use. Our printer operators insist that the dispensing s

Glue dispenser recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 08:50:24 EDT 2019 | uzbek

Hi, we are currently offering service assembly of the enclosures and electronics for our clients. Sometimes that includes gluing of the enclosures and for smaller quantities, we used 983A hand glue dispensers. Now we want to buy small automatic glue

Solder paste dispenser choice

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 16:34:36 EDT 2008 | gregcr

Hi All, I am retrofitting a machine with a solder paste dispenser head, and am trying to decide what direction to go, with a dispense valve. The choices I know are either a standard Air over, or some kind of positive displacement valve such as a sc

MPM printer paste dispenser

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 15:16:42 EDT 2008 | toddl

I thank everyone for their input, I have ordered a few missing parts and will try the auto dispense feature. I believe our production floor humidity is properly controlled so hopefully no problems in that area. I do have concerns with the dispenser s

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