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Re: Camelot Glue Dispenser Off-line Programming

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 12:37:51 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

| | Does anyone know the best way to program my Camelot glue dispenser off line? I really like the machine, it just takes me too long to program it. We do contract work so I can get gerber data for all (most) of my assemblies. I need to get these p

QUAD 4C motor error #5

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 03 05:39:44 EDT 2013 | bobpan

Yes you can upload modcodes from assembler. This works for all quad c-series machines along with some others. I would NOT overwrite anything. I would save them to a new file so you have the originals. Your original modcodes are good.....your machine

Solder paste handing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 06:18:50 EST 2007 | CL

Good Morning Stephen, 1) Most solder paste manufacturers recommend a 2 hour temperature stabilazation period. Solder paste should not be opened and exposed to ambient air if it is still cold. 2)Manufacturers do not reccomend mixing old and new paste

Solder Paste Pin Transfer vs Time Pressure Dispense

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 13:32:11 EDT 2023 | spoiltforchoice

I doubt either Mycronic or Essemtec, as the only people who do dispense printing, will want to share their research with you. But clearly they will have followed every valid option to determine what is possible. Time & pressure is not used for anythi

Camalot 1818 dispense machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 15:31:12 EDT 2010 | clarence

We are in need of a complete set of manuals (Originals or photocopy) for our Camalot 1818 machine. Willing to pay a reasonable price for these manuals. Please respond if you are able to assist us.

Multiple Resistor Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 30 11:09:13 EDT 2010 | davef

Lots of small parts, lots of hand soldering, lots of tired eyes inspecting on lots of boards: yields lots of room for error. How about this: * Part removal ** Cut each resistor between the pads using dykes ** Using a soldering iron [or hot air pen],

Small batch Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 16:04:24 EST 2007 | ck_the_flip

Another tactic. Become friends with all the local solder paste reps, get them to buy you lunch, etc...but the key is...get them to give you free samples. That way you wouldn't have to BUY any paste. As for the original fella, sounds like he's on a

Increasing placement machine productivity

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 09:57:26 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello markt, If you're only running at 85%, you've got some things to look into! First, it's good you know that you're operating at 85% with some measurables that help you determine that. Now, the easiest methodical way to improve productivity on SMT


Electronics Forum | Tue May 12 14:07:34 EDT 2015 | joecurran

Hello g, I was alerted to your post by our marketing team. Yes, the Automove can run Fluidmove for Windows XP but only if the system does not have a downward looking camera and only if greater than serial number 3812. If it has a camera then the P

UP1500 Frame Sizes?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 18:54:28 EDT 2005 | MikeaJ

The answer you are looking for is part of your initial setup of the board and stencil. This information is to be found in the PCB setup menu/icon. The reason why the stencil loading pins are impacting the frame is because the default setting of the s

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