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Disposition on Discoloration of Boards post reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 10:22:58 EST 2013 | davef

A-610E, 10.7.4 covers solder mask discoloration. Use that for your disposition

Disposition on Discoloration of Boards post reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 26 08:40:21 EST 2013 | vileo72

Hi , During one of NPI trial ,we found that boards ( CEM -1 grade )has got discolored on the masking portion ( and not on the conductors) after reflow .Although it does not impact our Form /Fit and Function characteristics , I would like to get your

Disposition on Discoloration of Boards post reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 23:51:13 EST 2013 | vileo72

Hi Dave , Thanks and will align accordingly .

Re: Solder paste tube disposal

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 27 18:01:04 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| Recently, our solder dross reclaimer refused to take our | used solder paste tubes. He said the small percent of paste | remaining in the tube is now considered hazardous waste. I'm interested in advice on how others are disposing of this "hazardou

Re: Lead Contamination....Coplanarity???

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 13:36:40 EST 2000 | Finepitch Services

Jeff, I guess my experience in such issues always took me back to the screen printing process and I only want to bring up that portion of the possible causes to this case. When we talk about coplanarity, the component lead coplanarity first comes t

Re: PCB warpage

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 20:42:07 EDT 1999 | Jeff Ferry

Grace, As deifned in IPC 7721 Procedure 3.2 Bow and Twist Repair "Bow and twist after soldering shall not exceed 1.5% for through hole PC boards and .75% for surface mount PC boards. The bow and twist shall not be sufficient to cause difficulties d

Wave Soldering Ceramic PCB's

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 23:11:23 EDT 2001 | davef

Cheery disposition??? Would a few ;-) ;-) ;-) help? [Oh and look who is talking, the one planning the Mickie D gig after the traces on the this board start vaporizing with the fuseable link schtik.] Are you sure you're getting flux all the way up

Bad Buisness

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 21:02:00 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mates, back over at our side, bad service is not only prevalent in the machine service industry, it occurs even in esteemed department stores and restaurants...etc. only in recent years has our local government revamped the quality of service, s

Fiducials on feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 15:56:43 EDT 2002 | stefwitt

The play of the tape is quite significant as I mentioned in an earlier thread. Tape width can vary between 8.1 +/- 0.2mm. Demos on 0201's are most likely done with 8.1 +/- 0.05mm tape. I guess you are referring to the cover tape pull, which can dispo

Who should operate an AOI? operator or Inspector?

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 17:32:07 EST 2005 | russ

Good point tommy, I think we are confusing what we are talking about here. It was not asked if the operators should do inspection. It was asked if an operator should pass boards through a machine. The operator is not inspecting anything just as t

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