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Distributed Test and inspection

Feb 14, 2003 | I was wondering if you guys had any experience with a distributed coverage Test and inspection strat

SMTnet Welcomes Another Distributed Forum

Dec 18, 2001 | SMTnet welcomes Aqueous Technologies to our group of Distributed Forum participants. Aqueous Techno

Acceptable level of defects for Wave Soldering

Sep 28, 2004 | "The optimizer has FLUX DISTRIBUTION WINDOW it measures - the amount of flux applied. -Identify

Web Email Problem Resolved

Sep 29, 1999 | Hello all, There was a problem with the web email system, and it has not been distributing emails

Water Absorption of PCB

Feb 15, 2007 |

Universal GSM1 startup error

Aug 6, 2015 | It could be a blown fuse on the power distribution panel or a failed power supply. Check the power d

Solder bath eruptions

Mar 7, 2005 | Check your heater elements one or more are defective causing uneven heat distribution.

IET Wave Solder

Aug 30, 2005 | Its not made by them. Its one of those Chinese jobers they are distributing.

Seeking very low volume production reflow oven

Apr 25, 2006 | Looking at who is distributing them should tell you something!!!!

Testing for Lead Content

Feb 16, 2011 | Exactly! Who distributes them?


Nov 20, 2000 |

Silver Sulphide Contamination of Resistors

Feb 22, 2001 | I guess the answer to that would have something to do with the distribution of the problems across t

PCB post reflow cleaning

Apr 1, 2004 |

screen blade length

Sep 3, 2009 | Yes, it is important to ensure blade pressure over stencil is uniformly distributed across the entir

BGA Voids (again)

Sep 21, 2004 | Has anyone ever seen the distributions that result when plotting percent voiding? (Typically a BGA

Web Email Problem Resolved

Sep 29, 1999 | | Hello all, | | There was a problem with the web email system, and it has not been distributing


Apr 15, 2013 |

Thermal testing

Jun 23, 1999 |


Oct 28, 1999 | Eric: Royonix 661-257-0303 http://www.royonix.com/umg.html seems to be the US distributer for UMG Te

AOI inspection

Jan 23, 2000 | Is anyone out there using a "Opti-Check" system? I think it is distributed in the States by Mancorp.

BGA faults

Aug 17, 2000 | Sounds like improper heat distribution! Raise your prheat/soak time to assure even heating of the bo

BGA faults

Aug 17, 2000 | Thanks for your comment; if it is an unbalance heat distribution, why is it reflowing some cards wit

AT Expo Rosemont

Oct 8, 2000 | Thanks to all for your input! By distributing literature at the show we hoped to increase the membe


Dec 7, 2000 |

Flex Circuit

May 30, 2001 |

0402 placement skew

Jul 6, 2001 |

BGA lands and ICT

Mar 20, 2002 |

SMT Training

May 23, 2002 |

capacitor leakage

Jul 12, 2002 | thanks, Dave. who are specialized in mechnical stress distribution? because I find the gap in the

Contract Manufacturing in USA

Jan 10, 2002 | What is the expected volume to be outsourced to the US and where are your distribution sources? Do y

SMD Double Splice Tape

Dec 5, 2003 | if you wish, I could call the German vendor and ask for an US distributer. My e-mail: stefwitt@netze

Multitronics 2000 SX

Apr 21, 2004 | Dave F is close enough on the Multitronics/Europlacer history. Early Europlacer machines distributed

PCB Storage - WIP

Jun 18, 2004 | the conductive standup racks can be purchased from Fancort and are available through most distribute

Router Depanel Equipment

Jul 29, 2004 | Got to http://www.fancort.com they offer several models thru distribution. Low volume look at the NR

Manufacturers of "Benchtop" Vapor Phase Reflow Systems

Nov 10, 2004 | EPM-IBL of Germany is distributed in the USA by AICT Technologies hailing out of FLA. Ask for Eric F

where to get a pot coated

Feb 22, 2006 | I was informed by a UK solder distributer that you can buy a "paint" and carry out the process yours

Siemens 80 S-20 problem

Mar 13, 2007 |


Feb 18, 2008 | Can the metal lever be removed prior to reflow to make a more even heat distribution around the sock

Dispensing Molten Solder

Mar 4, 2009 |

Dark Solder Joint

Nov 25, 2011 | This is not what we'd expect. We need more information about process, materials, and distribution of


Apr 24, 2013 | Check the fuses on the power distribution panel. All of them have indicating LED, so check is easy.

Pick n Place tape dot

Feb 7, 2014 |

MyData TP9 dead?

Feb 6, 2014 | 1. Fuse 2. Power Supply 3. Power Distribution card 4. Booster Start by checking all of the fus

MPM3000 Hi

Jun 1, 2015 |

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