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Fuji Feeder Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 21:43:58 EDT 2005 | donb

Thanks, but we don't have the parts yet, I need to know if it's do-able before the parts arrive, or I'll need to buy 20 new feeders if the parts are packaged on 8x2 reels.

Which AOI to buy?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 03 12:38:27 EST 2006 | bpeach

Hi! I work for a mid range SMT CM and we are looking to buy some AOI equip. Is 60-100k a doable range for something that is useful? And if that range is ok, what vendor should I go with? Regards,

Depanel thin board

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 05:52:49 EDT 2015 | kfquan

Have you tried the so called push-back or re-insertion type panel? 5mm*12mm*0.3mm thick FR-4, 120-up panel is doable.

New Facility Advise/Questions

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 20:40:36 EST 2019 | kylehunter

OK great! Seems like there's (mostly) a consensus on the ducting outside, and it seems like the multiple units to one duct is doable. What are you thoughts on the floorplan/layout then?

JaNets - question about smt files for machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 07 08:14:50 EST 2023 | kirill

No answer so far, I just hope they are silent because they have alots of emails, and not because its not doable with juki system like on siemens...

Accuracy of placement +/-100um @ 5 sigma

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 16:43:06 EST 2003 | frank

Oh, and we boil 5-sigma down to 2 out of 10,000 placements as a starting point. I don't know of a single machine that can do 1 million placements in one program. 10K is doable. If we fail there then we start looking at the bigger picture; either r

Pump Stencil

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 10:18:44 EST 2007 | Simon C

Hi, We have at DEK printed paste through a Pumprint stencil onto clinched leads, but there will be limitations depending on the product. If you can send a sample loaded board to me indicating where you want paste deposits then I can certainly take a


Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 22:57:27 EDT 2007 | dekhead

Yes, it's do-able. I had a customer get a quote from DEK on this... and I retrofitted a refurb unit onto the machine. I don't currently have parts available for another retro, and have one customer on my "waiting list". Get in touch with me, if you

Business Survey

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 08:34:19 EST 2009 | rgduval

So far so good over here. We did 60% growth over the past two years; and the early indicators are that another 30% is doable for us. We're a small CM; just at 10 employees; but growing. Good mix of industries served. I think that and our niche of

Problems with Vision and White Soldermask

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 12:18:49 EDT 2016 | dekhead

You don't say what kind of printers you are running, but if you had multiple light sources and independent control of direct an oblique lighting (either manual and software controlled) usually pretty "do-able". I have customer doing almost exclusivel

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