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Paste accumulation on the squeegee side with a 15mils to 5mils Step stencil

Aug 23, 2019 | Paste accumulation on the squeegee side with a 15mils to 5mils Step stencil Such huge difference between low and high thickness will definitely cause paste accumulation on the squeegee side. Normally is 2 mil max difference.Yes, dispense maybe help for thicker paste or print two times.

Reflow Oven

Aug 16, 2019 | To be in the range of profile for a paste, doesn't mean it is ideal. Check temperature on the Side A components while running side B profile.

Fuji CP 642 Communication Cables with Flexa

Jul 2, 2019 | I tried using the cable on page 4. The DB9 to DB25. Is that the correct one to use with a USB to DB9 adapter? What is the difference between using MCS and C/C for communication? Which one should I be using and how do I see which one is being used? I know under factory you can double click

QFN/BTC Pad Configurations for Solder Stencil Use

Apr 27, 2019 | parts with the same specs so we can pull double duty with our screens? Thanks!

gcprevue/gerber ez Teach For Momentum Printer Inspection Btm side Issue

Jan 15, 2019 | Hi, I personally use my checkplot files to teach paste inspection machines. These should already be in the right view so you can treat them as individual top sides(no flip needed for both sides)

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Feb 12, 2018 | . After drawing the box around the pads to use as fids, double click in the box and it will teach only what you have shown in the outlined box.


Feb 9, 2018 | Consider offsetting the dimensions for at least one fiducial when applying them to the top and bottom side of a board. This helps to pokayoke the design by preventing an operator from accidentally loading the magazine or printer with the "wrong side facing up."

pcb manufacturing

Apr 28, 2017 | pcb manufacturing I tried a PCB prototype service previously called Wellpcb and was happy with the cost and lead time. From their website online PCB calculator, manufacturing 10pieces of 100 × 60mm 2 − layer PCB will cost you around $27USD.

Pick and Place Machines (Blue Book)

Nov 2, 2016 | I ran an internal equipment refurbishment business for a major SMT equipment OEM in the mid 00's. I believe you can expect 5% to 15% of the original price dependent on the age and life status of the model from a secondary market dealer. If you sell direct to an end user you may be able to double

Upside down placement of a crystal oscillator is acceptable ?? As per IPC clause its define Rectangular or Square En

Jul 19, 2016 | What kind of oscillator are you placing (Manufacturer part #)? I do not believe that oscillators fall under the "chip component" category. Even if they did, most all SMT oscillators that I have come into contact with have 1 sided terminations on the bottom side of the component. That being said , the criteria in section 8.3.2 (Rectangular or Square End Chip Components - 1,3 or 5 Side Terminations) do not apply. In the introduction for this section it is stated "For 1 sided termination, the solderable side is the vertical end face of the component". I would say that a upside down placement

Isopropyl alcohol

Jan 27, 2016 | No, but it does evaporate slowly when left open. It is used in electronics cleaning because of it's solvent and evaporative qualities. You can look up references like the CRC handbook to compare these properties side by side to other alcohols that can be used somewhat interchangeably. or Google

Quad Upward Vision Issue

Nov 16, 2015 | Hello, Average correction should be used. If the nut on the z-rod is what you are seeing through the parts can use a smaller o-ring and slide it up to where the nut is to block it out. You may have to try a few sizes and/or even double over the o-ring but it works. If the part

PCB Design

Nov 3, 2015 | PCB Design "The best PCB Layout tool is PowerPCB, it is very good and i am new in PCB design,i worked with pulsonix, eagle & ultiboard."

Straddle-mount connectors

Jul 24, 2015 | to my knowledge it will always be manual insertion,, if you mean reflow, not insertion, I always apply solder to one side, reflow, then apply tacky flux pre print to the already soldered pins, print op side, assemble part then send through placement and reflow.. usually with no issue

how can i calculate amount of solder paste for a single pcb?

May 5, 2015 | how can i calculate amount of solder paste for a single pcb? i need a menthod for calculating amount of solder paste need in a single pcb or a lot of pcb(1000 pcb). i need reduce wastage of solder paste in the process , so any one can help........

What is a typical SMT placement defect rate?

Jul 16, 2014 | or is it reasonable to assume everything on a 300 component board has been placed OK and there is no need to "double check" it before reflow? If you inspect before reflow, what number of placement defects before reflow is considered "acceptable" and do you have to nudge things? Thanks again!

Problem with a MPM HiE

May 23, 2013 | After I write a new program the machine started doing what I would call a double board stop check on the board the first is like 12" from the front end of the machine and the other is in the middle where it should be. Only problem is once the first stop is made the program runs very slow to get

Solder Paste Cleaning Procedure

Mar 8, 2013 | Can a ROHS PCB with ROHS solder paste can be cleaned in same basin/sink when Non-ROHS solder paste PCB are cleaned? Any detail procedure or cleaning technics for NON ROHS Solder Paste PCB VS ROHS Solder based PCB?

Production Management for micro small firms

Jun 27, 2012 | of view, I would recommend it. Its also handy as it doubles as a document storage system. [Slaine SMTnet] * I've used the following [Rob SMTnet]: ** SAP Connect & Go (or SAP in a box - designed for smaller companies)- despite the description a LOT of set up work, but not bad once you get the hang of it pretty inclusive set of manufacturing, inventory, accounting, and planning set of software. I used mostly the manufacturing side of things, and found that, from a material planning viewpoint, and a process control viewpoint, it was very well done. I never got too involved with the accounting side

rigid-Flex board via problems

Jan 12, 2012 | Isola water pressure. Between a 210°C normal tin lead cycle and a 250°C lead-free assembly cycle, the vapor pressure doubles. Reflow temperature [*C]||Vapor pressure of water [psi] 150||100 200||225 210||260 220||320 230||400 240||480 250||580 300||1240 The vapor pressure is ripping your boards

YesTech doubling lens installation

Oct 10, 2011 | In my opinion, YesTech or any other company is not obligated to spend days or even hours on the phon

YesTech doubling lens installation

Oct 10, 2011 | An extraction system is not a good comparison. The extractor itself is not where they make their mon

YesTech doubling lens installation

Oct 1, 2011 | whitewing, I hate to break it to you but this is standard procedure for equipment providers.

SMD Tape Extenders - Are they all rubbish?

Dec 8, 2010 | Not familiar with your machines, but on out Assembleon Opals we take the used cover tape from another feeder and tape it to the cover tape of our cut tape we are loading with some thin double stick tape. The 3m VHB type. Then we wrap that with a piece of scotch tape. I know it sound sorta long

PCB Warp Issues

Jul 20, 2010 | PCB Warp Issues You may want to look at IPC 7721 Method 3.2 Bow and Twist Repair. In extreme cases you may need clamp or weight the pcb with bow in the other direction to yield a "flat" pcb in the unrestrained state. You will have to take the PCB up to or slightly above its Tg.

MYDATA TP9-4 MI board

Jun 1, 2010 | device on the x-move axis that's causing some excess friction). And, as always, double check all of your fuses before going too far towards replacing the x-motor! cheers ..rob

SIEMENS SIPLACE PCB-optical System KST PCB camera.

Sep 21, 2009 | SIEMENS SIPLACE PCB-optical System KST PCB camera. Hello, everyone. Does anyone know the exact difference of SIEMENS SIPLACE PCB-optical System KST PCB camera between P/N 00344065-03 and P/N 00344065S03? Thank you for your reply in advance.

Fuji IP 2 Servo NG error?

Mar 11, 2009 | to double check that it will. Oh, I don't have another servo amp. The defective amp is the one with the red OC led on right? There are other servos units that says servopacks in there. Thanks

Quad Autoprogram Help Needed

Oct 24, 2008 | Yep there are nozzles on both machines. This is a very quirky program. I remember when I first loaded it I couldn't get it to run. I reloaded several times, double checked all of the settings in the autoexec and config.sys files but couldn't get it to run. Finally I called Quad support

Having a fixture for topaz-x machine

Oct 7, 2008 | Hi Perhaps you could modify the PCB Origin coordinates in the PCB Info. Change the PCB Origin X and Y coordinates to point to the PCB origin on the fixture. rgds AR

a free PCB software for PCB CAM engineers

Aug 15, 2008 | a free PCB software for PCB CAM engineers this is a newly found pcb freeware for PCB CAM engineers here to download: or use it in the website directly.

SMT Disasters

Jul 11, 2008 | - which equates to double time. So you may think that those 65 days are spent goofing off when in actuality they are innovative time spent ideating.

Looks like we'll be BGAing in the near future

Jan 31, 2008 | ; be sure your print is spot on and no pads are skipped, verify placement with double sticky tape (moving a BGA in wet paste will cause a mess), and profile-profile-profile.

Unusual board with BGA

Dec 26, 2007 | 's a proto for a complex box build. I'll leave that up to the double E's and keep my fingers crossed!

Solder wick on Ag/Pd termination

Oct 22, 2007 | Double check on this, but we have this little voice in our heads telling us that your AgPd termination is intended for conductive adhesive applications. Check with your component supplier. We recall a thread on SMTnet [

double sidded reflow problems

Aug 13, 2007 | This may sound silly to ask, but does your oven have a center board support by chance? If so is it d

lead free components in leaded process

Jul 19, 2007 | Amen to that Hussman. The new lead-free world is not based on science or environment it�s all about $$$$$. And as I said before the promoters of lead-free care less about quality or reliability they just take this great opportunity to double their profits or commission checks hiding behind the Ro

Philips CSM66 wanted

Jun 22, 2007 | The CSM84 I have is 63" (1600 mm) wide, 57" (1450 mm) deep, and 54" (1372 mm) high, without the turret. The CSM84 is rated at something like 1600 Lbs (728 kg). I had to cut a hole and install double doors to get mine in. I can't imagine "carrying" this thing anywhere. I used a car engine hoist

double printing

Mar 21, 2007 | I wish you wouldn't have asked why! We had a rush job and the stencil maker used a frame (normally


Feb 26, 2007 | PCB TEST Good afternoon, Quite strange question. PCB manufacturer might use gerber for netlist extraction which is necessary for PCB testing. I don�t think PCB manufacturer would work without gerber. Electric scheme is necessary for electrical testing and repair. Why are you asking this? :) BR, Pavel

Lead Free Delta T (reflow 7 zones)

Mar 9, 2006 | the second to last heating zone to drive heat into the product, the last zone to soak the product above liquidous) - Try a "double spike" (last two zone set to the same, or near same temp) Send me an email with your conact info if you want to talk. thanks marc

placements per hour

Feb 16, 2006 | are averaging 500 cph on an 8 hour day - this has included some "quite" periods. It is our setup times which is costing machine runtime,quite often our setup will be double the run time. Any info,advice would be appreciatetd. Rgds

Mis-align Component

Dec 8, 2005 | ? Is it possible that the Z-axis stops above the board and drops the component? Third, are components correctly placed, when placed on double sticky tape and last do they stay tack in the solder deposit after transport?

What is the lifespan of your SMT machines?

Nov 21, 2005 | Many companies don't think of the importance of the maintenance in the machines. I proved to my Boss that following the proper maintenance we were able to get more out of the machines, he did not do maintenance for 2 years till I came to this place after I started doing maintenance we doubled our


Jun 9, 2005 | is finished you can exchange feeders with the next model, you say you have 4 lines and if one line dont have any schedule of production yet you can use the feeders on that line. for faster output components should be prepared and double checked first.....

Nozzle life?

Feb 23, 2005 | , it may be overlaping the component. Look at the monitor when running production, you shouldn't be able to see the noozle tip and the component. So double check your components and make sure the right nozzle is being used. By the way, what noozle type is geeting past?

ceramic cap cracking

Feb 2, 2005 | we have a capacitor cracking on one of our boards, there are four of the same cap on the board and only one cracks, we are seeing about 6% of the component cracking. it's not near the edges of the board and he board is 2.4mm thick so i dont think it's to do with the board flexing. one side of the component is connected to a thick ground plane and when i attach thermocouples to both sides and run a profile i've noticed that during the cooling stage the side that has the ground plane cools much quicker than the side without, for most of the cooling process there is around a 20C difference between the sides. would difference in temp cause the component to crack? anyone seen this type of thing before? the cap is 0805 size and the crack is between the end termination and cap body. cheers

CP43 Placing problem on PLCC28

Nov 23, 2004 | I have seen some crazy placement problems that I just couldn't figure out in the past and several have come down to boards moving in the clamp. I would double check to make sure you are clamping secure enough and slow your table speed down and see if it makes any difference. I know you said both X

Lead free Solder Paste troubles !!!!

Sep 28, 2004 | yes, in the future prices of China product will increase by 10 - 20 percent, but other may increase double. So still China price will stay competative. I am not for China,in fact most of our local companies went to China already, but hey, lets face it they are now provides the lowest wages

HIC turn Pink for PCB-URGENT

Jul 6, 2004 | HIC turn Pink for PCB-URGENT 1)What is the MSD level for PCB? 2)I have some PCB's with HIC (humidity indicator card ) has turn to pink at 50%. Should I bake the PCB prior to assembly process.This fab is a complex board with various kind advance package assembled on the board.

smt stencil cleaning