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High voltage PCB material

Apr 19, 2002 | So, what is 'high voltage'? anywho? * We sort of use 10 kV as the starting point for 'high voltage'

High voltage PCB material

Apr 18, 2002 | Yes. Ceramic is much better. We use FR4 in fairly high voltage circuits. What are the particular

BGA process requirements

Apr 17, 2002 | what process is that? can kindly describe? is it that technology where bricks of solder are "ready made" deposit onto PCB pads thus eliminating the need to solder paste print/dispense by machine?


Apr 9, 2002 | Any-Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH). In printed circuit board fabrication, a registered mark of

62/36/2Ag solder paste on imersion silver plated PCBs

Apr 9, 2002 | Silver in the paste is present to minimise any negative effects of silver in the pcb finish or component terminations. 2% Ag prevent silver leaching thus giving a more reliable joint.

BGA In Circuit Testing

Mar 6, 2002 | Here our senerio: * There are no funds for additional test equipment. * Have only Delta Scan results, that are very limited. * Failuer of Delta Scan, PCB goes to vendor for X-ray analysis. Do you have a similar process and do you do anything different?

0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component

Mar 4, 2002 | Hi, Could anyone tell me where can I get the 0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component and the Test PCB? Any comments will be appreaciated. Thanks and Regards. Nell

Hand Lotions

Mar 4, 2002 | I have documentation from many companies on a hand lotion that passes all of the critical tests required in handling of PCB's. If you wish I could copy or have the manufacturer send this information your way. Steve

Wave solder question

Feb 19, 2002 | Check the pcb layers. Maybe it gets hotter in certain areas of the board. Most parts being wave soldered should be clinched, crimped whatever to avoid this. What parts are lifting?

BGA solder joint integrity

Feb 1, 2002 | the PCB vendor is Multek in germany he made some measures about P content in Ni layer. What is the normal level of Phosporous and what is the upper limit ? thanks Romain

Wave Solder Machine Fingers

Jan 25, 2002 | All, On my Wave Machine the Coating on the fingers "pcb carriers" is coming off. They are way way way way overpriced to replace if all possible. I would think there is someone out there that could re-coat them??? If so what is the companies name/ contact etc??? Thanks Stimpman

PCB bake

Jan 18, 2002 | PCB bake Ianchan, baking as being part of pre-heating is obviously sensless cause the PCB will not maintain any of that heat till soldering. Common reason for prebaking PCB�s is getting the moisture out to prevent outgassing, warpage and maybe other defects. One big known disadvantage of this is a negative for that prebaking !Drying! action, don�t you think so ? Better find out what all this is (was) good for, look if it�s still necessary or if it was performed only for a special batch of PCB`s for what ever reason. I wouldn�t be happy either with processes I don�t know what they are good for. You may also try

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Jan 9, 2002 | When I said "In this area, there is no difference between your experience in ceramic substrates and

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Jan 9, 2002 | We follow IPC-2221 recommendations for Au and don't have a problem as long as the Ni is under 150 mi

Second Pass In Wavesolder

Jan 3, 2002 | Thanks Scott: The Assembley is Mixid ( reflow then wavesoldered). It is One curcuit. Is the Tg averagely known for FR4 PCB assemblies? Hany

Immersion Tin Finish - Any information ?????

Dec 31, 2001 | Hello, I need some information, even some initial information about Immersion Tin finish on PCB: solderability, environment sensitivity... Is this technology approved yet by anybody? Thanks Roni ORBOTECH


Dec 16, 2001 | I Need Some Software That Create Layouts For VEROBOARD. I Can Only Find Software That Makes Layouts For PCB (etching). Please Help ME!!! P.S The Software Should Have The Ability To Import From Crocodile Clips If Possible.


Dec 16, 2001 | Mr.Dave.F has given an exhaustive answer. I just want to mention that some attention could be paid to the plating & contaminants on the PCB. We have experienced longer soldering time due to the presence of contaminants on the plated surface.

College can't make SMT PCB's

Dec 12, 2001 | pls call me and I will be pleased to help as possible John O'Donnell Portsmouth, NH 603-433

College can't make SMT PCB's

Dec 11, 2001 | Can you be a little more specific? The part description doesn't sound familiar. Rob


Dec 5, 2001 | Please help!! Operators are currently using soldering irons set at approx 450 degrees C, this i realise is far to high, but can some one tell me the effect on the PCB and joint at this temp and the recommended temp for soldering.

Quotation Software

Nov 23, 2001 | I'm looking for a software package to assist in the quotation of assembled PCB's. Does anyone know of a package on the market today. I suppose a template to MS of some other software MFG. would also work. Thanks.

Universal VCD Tooling - 22inch dual head.

Nov 22, 2001 | No, its for designing the PCB location, tool pin position etc, in order to get our machine shop to use a CNC program generated from DXF, faster turn around, in theory. G

Reparing 0201 components on PCB-boards

Nov 13, 2001 | Maybe Prof. Whoopee will have to take out the 3 D BB and draw us a picture.

Reparing 0201 components on PCB-boards

Nov 12, 2001 | Am abit confused here, so suggestion is not to manual rework solder the 0201, and rather to cut em'

Conformal Coating BGA parts

Nov 9, 2001 | Any good advice on techniques to properly coat BGA devices on a PCB? Our preference is to spray the boards but I wonder if the coating will do much good. Thanks Jim

BGA rework

Nov 9, 2001 | is it all right to reflow a BGA using a rework station but without applying a layer of solder paste on pcb. the diameter of the solder ball is 0.75 and the pitch is 1.5mm.

bridging between 2 pads

Nov 7, 2001 | sometime hand solder can cause also. no necessary have to be paste n reflow.:) now i'm facing bridging on 0402 components pads. any suggestions on spacing distance as we're going to re-design the pcb.

PCB\PWB Silkscreen Removal

Nov 7, 2001 | I am currently doing a research project for a College class and was curious if anyone had seen or is

Dull joints caused by NiAu PCB surface ?

Nov 1, 2001 | Will the gold from some Ni/Au surfaces make the solder joints appear dull and a slightly rugged on t

IC Contamination

Oct 22, 2001 | The solder joint appeared dull and there is dewetting on the PCB after Reflow. The leads of IC we used appeared dull grey before soldering. Dose anyone happen to know if there is a standard to verify the IC contamination and how to deal with the contaminated IC we have in house? Appreciate your

Solder Paste@ Board shop

Oct 18, 2001 | Woah..... that sounds really interesting..... do these PCB guys have reps/offices, in asia theatre of *their* operations? or, do they have a webpage, you can share with us? thanks

Testing of Manufactured PCB's

Oct 17, 2001 | What you do is reasonable. Some of these and other tests are covered in: * IPC-6011 - Generic Pe


Oct 5, 2001 | It is a PCB material that has a woven glass / epoxy internal core and glass veil surface. It is in between the paper materials (FR1,FR2 and CEM1) and FR-4 as far as strength and cost. It is available in HiCTI material for high power applications.

Excess Flux in uBGA rework

Sep 28, 2001 | I have had success by applying the paste flux with my finger, using a finger cot and spreading it on the PCB. This seems to put it on more consistently than using a brush.

Large Board Assembly

Sep 24, 2001 | I've used Fuji for fairly large boards. The largest pcb size is 20" by 18" for pick and place; 18"x14" for chip shooters. I've never used Quad. N

Possible to temporarily store mounted but not soldered PCB's?

Sep 3, 2001 | Possible to temporarily store mounted but not soldered PCB's? no automatic vision system, so every mounted PCB must be manually checked before soldering, and soldering have to be done within 24 hours. This means that the limiting factor for the speed of production is the speed of the manual placing and checking, which means that our SMD machine doesn't produce as much as it could per day. If it was possible to store mounted PCB's temporarily 2-3 days until they could be checked and soldered, then the machine could be used more effectively. I've thought about putting the mounted PCB's in a fridge and/or put them in a vacuum, so that the soldering didn't have to take place

Rework Bluetooth

Aug 29, 2001 | Can some one provide information to rework ERICSSON bluetooth. How to remove and place the bluetooth mounted on the PCB? What type of equipment to use? Regards

Applying past with CamAlot

Aug 22, 2001 | Would like to hear the pro and cons of using a machine like CamAlot 3800 to apply past to PCB. What has been to your experiences?

Wave Soldering Ceramic PCB's

Aug 15, 2001 | Wave Soldering Ceramic PCB's - a result

Boards delaminated after wash

Aug 14, 2001 | BOARD BAKING SCHEDULE: Bake time depends on the board thickness and construction. For laminated FR4 PCB, we bake between 6 and 24 hours at 100�C. ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: Heating moisture entrapped between the laminations of the board too quickly.

Misprint PCB Cleaning

Aug 10, 2001 | Sean, Lighten up - I never mentioned a brand name in my responce! I may be appauling and I may b

Wave Soldering Ceramic PCB's

Aug 9, 2001 | Thank you. IPC-2222 applies to rigid organic boards. It does not apply to ceramic boards. Since

Question on Pad Size for ICT Test Points

Aug 7, 2001 | Anyone have an idea on what the smallest feasible/reliable pad size and pitch should be for a PCB designed with an array of ICT test points? Thanks in advance for your help.

Misprint PCB Cleaning

Aug 3, 2001 | Good question Dave. Kerry has participated quite a bit in this sort of forum but I have yet to hear

Misprint PCB Cleaning

Aug 2, 2001 | Hi Pete, The only system that I have had any success with is Smart Sonic. There's tons of inform

Rework Technique

Aug 1, 2001 | I noticed that some operator are very good in doing pcb board rework and I would like to populate these group of operator in our facility. I wonder if there is any training manual or articles on rework technique that I can refer. Thanking you in advanced.

Printing problem, water soluble paste with gold plating PCB..

Jul 31, 2001 | How fast is your print head speed? I've found that I had to decrease my print head speed to get the

What is the std Resistivity for DI water at Aqueous

Jul 31, 2001 | What is the industry standard specification for Resisitivity monitoring at aqueous cleaning? What would be the diff. between specs. for normal PCBA vs PCB that has to go through wire bonding after SMT for COB process. pls advise..thx

Clean vs No Clean PCB assembly process

Jul 29, 2001 | Tough to say. The residues from fluxes vary according to the suppliers' forulations. Consider:

 Reflow System

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