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new investment request

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 01 10:53:09 EST 2003 | bdoyle

[edited by Brian Doyle SMTnet - reason: completely irrelevant sales pitch]

PCB assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 15:11:10 EST 2003 | davef

Russ, Jasper, et al; J Dumont is probably not as BIG of a dirtbag, as he / she appears. Please contact Brian Doyle [ bpdoyle@smtnet.com ] and complain about commecial postings.

QFP footprint -extended outside pad?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 21:53:38 EDT 2011 | davef

Excellent drawing Darby. You haven't lost your touch. Spirograph jeez Do you and that beautiful woman still get good parking at Watto's? http://www.sydneypubguide.net/pubs/Watsons_Bay_Hotel_(Doyles).aspx

Commercial Postings

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 11:24:47 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

Hi DaveF and Brian Doyle Here is my two cents, and a change in my previosuly posted thoughts about control. Before we all go wild with alot of police work and programming, how about simply posting basic forum rules at the top of the main conference

Re: Posting a Paper on the SMTNet Library

Electronics Forum | Thu May 04 13:54:54 EDT 2000 | Brian Doyle

Unfortunately there was a problem within the server that prevented any submitted article to be viewed. We have since fixed that problem and as such all library articles that were submitted can now be viewed. We appologize for any inconvenience this

Rep Responses in Forum, Possible Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 12:24:14 EDT 2002 | kenbliss

Cal I like the general meeting idea. Now of course does the rest of the group. Brian Doyle what are your thoughts, great way to expand the sponsor base. The show will be busy this year, it could be good. Yes, I state "will be busy" that is the e

Do yo have to bake unused bare boards or just Vacuum Pack?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 20:45:41 EDT 2006 | darby

Dave, I have never even seen black pad - even in my subby days. As my wife says whenever I find a good parking spot: "Lucky Darby and his beautiful wife!" This is particularly so if we go to Watto�s - www.sydneypubguide.net/pubs/Watsons_Bay_Hotel_(D


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 09:50:14 EDT 2001 | bdoyle

Funny you should mention that. I had noticed that there were many duplicate listings in the career center and I've been working on fixing that this morning. I'm also adjusting the display so that it shows the date posted for each listing both on th

Quoting a job for manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 16 20:26:29 EDT 2002 | davef

Oftimes when I see aggrandizing self-promotional postings like this, I ask Brian at SMTnet.com to: * Delete the posting, explaining why I consider the posting to be inappropriate. * Contact the offending poster and explain proper decorum on SMTnet.co

Quoting a job for manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 17 16:14:51 EDT 2002 | bdoyle

Sheriff Doyle reporting for duty. Yes definitely send these type of things to me. That's one of my [many] jobs. Off hand note, I was asked to remove one of the posts here because it wasn't coming out correctly (the internet is like that sometimes)

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