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DPAK drop @Second reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 15 08:45:25 EDT 2011 | edmaya33

check your reflow chain. it maybe vibrating causing DPAK to fall at second reflow.

DPAK's sliding off pad during reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 13 16:25:11 EDT 2015 | emeto

Loctite 3609. Just a small dot under the D-Pak and it works 100%.

Aperture shape for DPAK

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 23 02:54:40 EDT 2013 | pradeep_selec

We are using Dpak package & I would like to know which is the best Aperture shape for DPAK, whether is there any problem if the Aperture of Ground pad is made of the same shape & size as the pad & what are the possible issues faced with it. Can I hav

DPAK drop @Second reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 14:57:36 EDT 2011 | davef

We don't expect properly soldered first-side DPAKs to fall from the board during second-side reflow. The ratio of weight to solder surface area for a DPAK is 1.32 gm per in^2, which is well within the limit of 44 gm per in^2. [Search the fine SMTnet

Heatsink for DPAK package

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 00:00:09 EDT 2003 | Jacky

Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can get heatsinks for DPAK devices? It will be used for cooling IGBTs. Preferably, the heatsink device should be soldered for easy production. Thanks alot.

Heatsink for DPAK package

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 15:34:16 EDT 2003 | davef

Heatsink DPAK SMT Tin Plated: Wakefield Part Number: 21736CT We have no relationship nor receive benefit from the company referenced above. Look here: http://www.heatsink-guide.com/links.htm

Vision Type for Dpak in SMD3-Fuji Flexa (IP3)

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 01 05:23:40 EDT 2009 | kircchoffs

hi manuel, you can try vision 180 frontlight. treat DPAK as two leaded part. assign the the upper and lower leads at 1 and 3.

MyData DPak not placing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 13:48:20 EDT 2013 | cyber_wolf

We have placed millions of DPAKS on our Mydatas without issues. Usually the crosshairs need to be just slightly to the right of the dimple when trimming. We do not use high centering force. Please tell us exactly what the error message is.

D-pak end joint wetting

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 19 11:19:52 EDT 2020 | davef

A-610G 7.5.16 Components with Bottom Thermal Plane Terminations (D-Pak) says: 100% wetting to land in the end-joint contact area. Is that what you're asking about? Regards, David Fish [davef] Technical Editor & Customer Advocate

Re: D-Pak misalignment Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 17:50:39 EST 1999 | Kantesh Doss

Christopher: Thank you for sharing your experience about the DPAK. Yes, out part has a heat sink at the bottom. Our stencil opening was 7 mils (in both X and Y) smaller than the pad size excepting that the stencil opening consisted of a series of zeb

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