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smd led storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 03:50:37 EDT 2010 | grahamcooper22

Some things you have to be sure of... Can you guarantee the LEDS are DRY when you receive them ? They may be packed in dry bags but when was this done and has the LED distributor had them open at his site ? Using vacuum sealed dry packs is a good way

Stencil Drying

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 19:12:07 EST 2001 | billschreiber

Hello Kerry, If your stencils are going back into inventory rather than into production, expediting the drying process may not be necessary. Just place them on a rack and allow them to air dry naturally. That way you can maximize the throughput of

ESD Compliant - Air blow off to dry washed circuit board assemblies

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 17:45:02 EDT 2000 | Ashok Dhawan

I am looking for an appropriate method to dry wave soldered boards. While board assemblies are passed through board cleaning station , they are not fully dry . We do not want to heat above 180 deg F to dry them completely. We think that air drying u

Storing parts in Mcdry. Can parts stay in bags?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 03 09:44:26 EST 2006 | amol_kane

Hi James, As far as i can see, if you reseal the bags, then storing in a dry cabinet would be unuseful (as the McDry will no longer be able to absorb moisture from the components, and the dry bag will only be as effective as the desiccant in it) i t

Drying after aqueous wash

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 17:39:54 EDT 2006 | russ

Well i guess you would not have to dry the boards but let me ask this, Are you hand cleaning water soluble flux in a sink? Never seen a cleaner without a dryer. Anyway temp and time for drying is easy to figure out. When boards are dry you have i

MSD Storage - Dry Environment

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 17 01:39:07 EDT 2009 | grahamcooper22

Hi, it is not necessary to store MSDs in nitrogen to stop them absorbing moisture, just a dry environment. Nitrogen storage is good for storing devices for many years as it reduces the oxidation of the solderable surfaces. Best option for storing MSD

Westek SMT IV Drying Question

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 15:10:42 EDT 2010 | 18424

Hi Michelle, Due to the dense population of through hole on some boards, after a 35 minute wash, some connectors or battery holders remain wet. Currently we put them into drying ovens at 70c for a Minimum of a half hour. We do occasionally air dry un

Dry Box

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 17:35:54 EST 2003 | jseagle

There is also McDry storage cabinets offered through Seika Machinery. www.seikausa.com

Wet or Dry Wipe

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 04 16:21:14 EST 2006 | jrlouden

What is the preferred method of under stencil wiping? (Wet or Dry wipe)

Storing parts in Mcdry. Can parts stay in bags?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 05:40:16 EST 2006 | pavel_murtishev

Good day, J-STD-033A: Moisture Sensitivity Levels 5-5a For moisture sensitivity Levels 5 and 5a with floor life exposure not greater than 8 hours, a minimum desiccating period of 10X the exposure time is required to dry the SMD packages en

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