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drill hole overlapped? is it acceptable ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 09:18:29 EDT 2019 | cbart

why wouldn't you just drill one larger hole?

drill hole overlapped? is it acceptable ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 17:08:12 EDT 2019 | asksmt

Hello Experts, is it acceptable in IPC standard to have two drill hole on a single pad overlapped? soldering and reliability wise ? intent is to solder two parts in parallel together. Thanks for your comments.

drill hole overlapped? is it acceptable ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 13:47:00 EDT 2019 | davef

It's a terrible idea. Through holes should be drilled in the exact center of a pad +/-. Have the two holes go out back and settle this. Whichever hole returns, that hole get to keep the pad. The other hole needs to get its own pad. End of story. Th

Pcb Drill Hole as Fiducial

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 08:35:15 EST 2018 | tsvetan

Depends a lot of PCB manufacturer and how good is the registration of the films to drills and what is drill precision etc. General rule is that components are placed on the copper layer pads, so copper fiducial is aligned with same accuracy as the pa

Re: Cutting and drilling of PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 20:22:48 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Gonul: Are you looking for information on "cutting and drilling operations of PCB" on: * PCB fabrication � OR * PCA assembly

Looking for PCB Drill Suppliers

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 30 02:24:00 EDT 2004 | hucom

I need some PCB Drills, any suggestion on this?

Gerber Data Drill Holes

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 04:54:18 EST 2006 | Rob

Have you taken the plating thickness into consideration as this will happen after the drilling?

Circuit/Trace cutting

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 14:27:21 EST 2002 | stefwitt

Assuming, you have nothing on the other board side, I would drill a hole through the trace and board with a step drill and a drill press. If you adjust the depth control carefully the wider step of the drill scratches the surfaces of the trace to mak

Gerber Data Drill Holes

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 01:32:56 EST 2006 | tk380514

I need to change Drill holes sizes in a PCB from 0.6mm to 0.55mm. Do it need to change anything else other than the Drill hole size in the INfo section of the Gerber file, for example do i also need to change the artwork of the other layers if the dr

Via spacing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 02:15:12 EST 2019 | sssamw

IPC 2221B mentions a minimum clearance of 0.5 mm between adjacent holes. A drill-to-drill spacing of 20 mils is a standard value in manufacturer design rules. For small annular rings and pad-to-pad clearance, the minimum via distance is often defin

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