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Quantity of dross and type of flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 14 04:17:22 EST 2000 | Mohammed Saad

Hi, I need some information about the relation between the type of flux used in wave soldering and the quantity of dross produced. Thank you in advance for your help Mohammed

Re: Quantity of dross and type of flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 22:15:59 EST 2000 | Vince Whipple

Mohammed, The first suggested place to start with your question would probably be with your flux Mfr. Push them! The quantity of dross is effected by several factors: The higher your solder pot temp., the higher your dross level... but don't go too

Re: Quantity of dross and type of flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 14 22:01:07 EST 2000 | Dave F

I'd love to get to the point that I could discuss the impact of flux on dross formation. Until then, I fight with proper solder pot temperature, maintaining enough pump speed, and solder contaminants.

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 19:01:45 EST 2007 | bbarton

As someone with a LOT of experience with the "low cost" alternative alloys, primarily SACX, I have one simple question....Are these shorts a new phenomena? WAS your process in control, and all of a sudden it's not? If the answer is YES, take a look a

WSOL and solder pot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 12:28:52 EDT 2008 | operator

I recently witnessed a process in which the solder pot operator used Techspray WSOL water soluble masking to cover the areas around a connector that was to be soldered on the solder pot. He did not wait for the WSOL to cure. He soldered immediately.

Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 05 13:30:37 EDT 2006 | Chris Griffin

Likely causes of this are: -Preheat temp. too low -too much dross -uncured epoxy -PCB contamination ...also varify the solder flow over the wave is smooth.

Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 06 03:03:56 EDT 2006 | ronalds

Thank you all for your input. The MF300S Multicore flux is rated for lead free. There is not much dross or contamination. We are using nitrogen. I've tested the boards with the curing test of IPC-TM-650. I think you're all right about the preheat.

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 12:06:58 EST 2007 | pjc

5 Steps to Eliminate Bridges: 1. Establish (wave) Parallelism First and foremost, you must establish board-to-wave parallelism. This is the prerequisite to any wave solder process control. For an understanding of the power of this approach go to ht

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 18:55:20 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

This is one of the biggest mistakes with the Lead Free process. We have all listened to the 'industry experts' and followed their advice and unfortunately got it wrong. Keep the dwell times (dependant on alloy selection) the same as Leaded so you are

Micro Solder Balls and Vias bridging Issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 09:29:48 EST 2015 | rgduval

A couple of things that have helped me with solder ball issues at wave in the past: 1. Flux. Insure good flux coverage on the bottom of the board. 2. Preheat. Insure that the board is sufficiently preheated for the wave operation. Since you're

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