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Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 13:44:29 EST 2000 | Russ

Mark, Try contacting Electrovert/speedline. I believe that they are marketing one. I don't know if this is the right guy to call but give it a try. Bob Galvin - Regional Service manager Western region 408-727-4650 Russ

Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 01 01:01:43 EST 2000 | Brian Hatfield

Bob Galvin is no longer with Speedline/Electrovert. He has been gone for almost 2 years. The current Western Region Field Service Manager for Speedline is Randy Banks. 408 727 4650 is the correct number however.

Solder reclamation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 10:32:18 EST 2003 | pjc

Go to http://www.cooksonee.com/products/electrovert/Wave/Dross/index.htm for the Cookson Electronics Equipment- Electrovert- Integrated Dross Management System

Solder Saver ??

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 20:52:48 EST 2006 | billwestiet

You probably have more advise than you can stand, but... I've looked at all these products, becuase we're in equipment sales and we wanted to see if there was a revenue potential here. Our general opinion is that dross is a hassle, and there is no

What is the best soldering gun?

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 03 01:40:24 EDT 2019 | sarason

I own a metcal for the high precision work 1500$ in 1992 tips $60 in 1992 and have only used one tip in all that time, have horses holves for large pin devices, precision points for 0402 and a largest tip for service work. Also have Hakkos for bulk

Re: Dusted By Dross -what a wake-up

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 23:02:25 EDT 2000 | ScottM

We don't do any of this. We had our operators tested by OSHA for lead inhalation using special sniffers during the wave solder process and passed by a magnatudes in limits while operating the machine and removing dross. Our recycling agency doesn't

Dross removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 21:05:10 EDT 2006 | hector.iduma@ge.com

PK METALS in California PRODUCT MS2 Ing. Octavio Raygoza PKay Metal sales manager tel. 011 52 (619) 666-5795

Lead Free Dross

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 22:33:57 EDT 2006 | ramerez

I am based in Nogales and I have also tried the MS2, I was told to immediately cancel my trials, It did reduced the build up of dross but the mess it made to the wave and the surrounding areas was very bad, Everything was coated black and the smell a

Re: Dusted By Dross -what a wake-up

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 21:30:55 EDT 2000 | ScottM

Thank you much folks! I've printed out these messages and will be acting on it with management. Interesting that I don't get hazardous waste manifests from the dross recycler but I do with my CLS chemicals for the washers (hummm....). I might ad

Is anyone using K100 bar solder? Why or why not?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 08:27:15 EDT 2006 | timnop

We will be receiving our lead free wave solder machine soon and I have been doing a lot of reading here. I've seen many dicussions about SAC vs. SN100C for wave applications and am leaning heavily towards the SN100C for my process. I haven't seen any

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