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ZEVAC drs 22

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 01 12:52:47 EST 2006 | ch

What are the main advantages of having a Zevac DRS 22. I just completed a through hole and SMT soldering course and I am thinking of investing in the DRS 22. What are the chances of getting a return on a $10,00 to $15,000 investment doing rework an

opinion of these rework stations

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 07:46:30 EDT 1999 | g cronin

if anyone has used or has one of these bga rework stations please give me your opinion on them. I am planning on using the sytem for not only rework but also low volume prototype production for hand built 1 or 2 qty pcb's, so ease of use is importa

Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 18:46:04 EST 2003 | ReworkMAN

The DRS systems are far superior. They don't compete with ERSA or Metcal. The nozzle technology, heaters, and software are so much better. I would find a used DRS22C and use it before those other systems. The vision system in the DRS22 is great

DRS-22 for RoHS BGA rework?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 02 14:40:39 EST 2007 | gregcr

Hi All, Has anyone out there used an Airvac DRS-22 for RoHS rework on lead free BGA's?

Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 20:32:29 EST 2003 | azah

We have two DRS22..$19,000ea..Ready to go. Spares included Anita

Re: opinion of these rework stations

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 29 12:51:55 EDT 1999 | Bob Barr

Never heard of the DRS-22C. I have had a DRS-22 for several years now. Purchased it when we started doing BGA's. The operators like it - good optics (split view), built like a tank, X-Y table easy to manipulate for alignment. I like it because I ca

Re: looking for bga rework station

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 09 12:46:10 EDT 1999 | Bob Barr

I have been using an Air-Vac DRS-22 for almost two years with very good results. Once a profile is developed it is very repeatable. The DRS-22 is no longer available, however. It has been replaced by the DRS-24. Unfortunately, the DRS-24 has a lo

DRS-22 for RoHS BGA rework?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 02 16:44:57 EST 2007 | russ

preheat unit can is a little underpowered on some heavier assemblies, works foine for low mass .050 and thinnner though and have done some 062 as well Russ


Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 13:24:58 EDT 2007 | adrian_nishimoto

My four favorite machines in order: 1) Metcal 3591 2) PDR IR-3200 3) PMT B-series 4) Air-Vac DRS 22c We have and use all of these.

Zevac BGA Rework DRS21C

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 30 17:13:36 EST 2007 | stevek

Not sure about that model, but I've used several DRS 22's and find them easier to use than the DRS24 I inherited at my current place. The lack of automation makes doing things yourself easier. The newer automated machines need more programming. I'

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